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How to get a shiny Hippopotas in Pokemon GO

Image Via Pokemon
Image Via Pokemon
Modified 14 Jan 2021, 03:26 IST

Hippopotas is currently very easy to find in the wild when playing Pokemon GO, and players have the chance to get a shiny version of the ground type Pokemon.

There is no guranteed way to find a shiny Hippopotas, but the chances of getting one can certainly be increased. For starters, even playing Pokemon GO for the next days will net players a much better chance of encountering one. Certain Pokemon are given frequent spawn rates for the Sinnoh week celebration.

Unfortunately, shiny Hippopotas doesn't have a guaranteed shiny encounter like Ferroseed did last week. However, it still has a chance of appearing in research tasks at random or in potential raids. Sunny and clear weather also boosts the spawn rate and strength of the Pokemon.

On top of the regular boosts in the game, players can utilize lures and Pokestop lures to increase the chances of Hippopotas spawning by a lot more. Again, it won't guarantee a shiny, but it will make the chances of one far more likely.

Shiny Hippopotas in Pokemon GO and evolving the Ground type Pokemon

When catching a Hippopotas, players should be aware of the differing color schemes. Depending on the gender of Hippopotas, it's colors will essentially become inversed. The male version is more tan in color with a darker brown around the eyes. Female forms are more of a dark brown base, with tan surrounding the eyes instead.

When evolving the Pokemon, the color schemes remain different. The male version retains much of the lighter tan color, while the female version is almost entirely a grey-black color. It's best to keep that in mind when searching for a shiny so confusion doesn't happen. If players do encounter a shiny, the color scheme will become a more dull green. That green and light tan carry over into the evolutions of Hippopotas.


If players collect 50 Hippopotas candies in Pokemon GO, they can evolve it into a Hippowdon, which has some decent stats with some combos that may be worth using. At level 40, the max CP that a Hippowdon can reach is 3,085 and it boasts a fairly tanky stat line.

For the best move set, players should equip Fire Fang as the fast attack and Earth Power as the charged attack. Fire Fang can be swapped for an Ice Fang in some cases, but Earth Power should remain the charged attack for the best results.

Published 14 Jan 2021, 03:26 IST
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