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How to get a shiny Roselia in Pokemon GO

Image Via Pokemon GO
Image Via Pokemon GO
Modified 15 Jan 2021, 01:17 IST

Roselia is the latest in the Pokemon GO list of Pokemon to get a community day, and next month players will have the chance to catch all that they need, including a chance at a shiny.

On Sunday, February 7, Roselia will be featured as the star of a community day. During that time, Roselia will have a far higher spawn rate around Pokemon GO and players can stock up on as many as they need. Catching a shiny Roselia will also be possible, and is far more likely during a Pokemon GO event where it spawns so much.

The community day event is going to run from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. in local time within Pokemon GO. In that time period, players can take advantage of a few other features for the community day.

One is the Roselia community day ticket that will give out a research story called 'Smell the Roselia.' In those tickets, players can expect to have a guaranteed Roserade if they complete the research. Tickets cost 1 USD. Purchasing the Kanto ticket for next month will also provide a free Roselia ticket for anyone who wants both.

Roselia evolution in the community day and other upcoming events in Pokemon GO

Evolving Roselia is the main objective of a community day event, and with luck players can evolve a shiny one. The first form of Roselia is Budew, and it will be hatching in 2km eggs in that time if it isn't spawning around Pokemon GO.

There are three forms of the Pokemon in total, so reaching Roserade from Roselia is going to cost 100 candies. The more difficult part of the evolution could be obtaining a Sinnoh stone for some players.


To get one, there will be some free-timed research that can be completed for a Sinnoh stone by the end. But unlike the event tickets in Pokemon GO, that research will go away once the event for the day ends.

Before Pokemon GO hosts a Roselia event though, there is a community day event taking place on January 16. The Pokemon featured for that event will be Machop, and like the other community day events, the goal will be to evolve the Machop into a Machoke.

In the same way that Roselia will get spawn boosts, Machop will also have increased spawn rates where the chances of a shiny Machop will also be much higher. Of course, lures in Pokemon GO will also make the process much faster.

Published 15 Jan 2021, 01:17 IST
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