How to get Snoop Dogg in Call of Duty

The Doggfather becomes an operator (Image via Infinity War)
The Doggfather becomes an operator (Image via Infinity War)
Joshua McCoy

Call of Duty has become known over the years for its cross-overs and unique appearances from other franchises. From the Predator to Godzilla and King Kong, plenty of interesting familiar faces have been in the blockbuster franchise.

This time, the game introduces a real person or at least a fictionalized version of him. Beloved rapper Snoop Dogg comes to COD on April 19 and though it isn't his first appearance in a video game, it might be the most exciting.

How to unlock Snoop Dogg in Call of Duty

It’s the C-O-D, D-O-Double-G-father. 😀Own the Snoop Dogg Bundle in #Vanguard and #Warzone today, playa.

Call of Duty players only need to purchase the Snoop Dogg bundle to play as the iconic rapper. The bundle costs 2400 CoD points and includes more than just the player skin.

2400 CoD points can be purchased for $20, and players can buy them through the appropriate store for their gaming platform. To get the character, simply buy him from the in-game store. After that, he'll be placed prominently on the display.

Players who prefer one version of the game over another or enjoy both do not need to worry. Purchasing the Snoop Dogg bundle on Warzone unlocks it on both that game and Vanguard.

What's in the Snoop Dogg bundle in Call of Duty?

Light up those lobbies with the Snoop Dogg soundboard πŸ’¨Share your most lit clips with these sounds, and we'll be sure to share some love back!

The bundle includes:

  • Snoop Dogg – Legendary Operator
  • Bong Ripper – Legendary Type 99 Weapon Blueprint
  • West Coast Bling – Legendary Cooper Carbine Weapon Blueprint
  • The Shiznit – Legendary MP40 Weapon Blueprint
  • The Original Gangsta – Legendary Emblem
  • Tactical Toke – Snoop Highlight Intro
  • Finishizzle Movizzle – Snoop Finishing Move
  • Hit This, Fam – Snoop MVP Highlight
  • Mellow Meta – Legendary Charm
  • High Art – Legendary Spray

These cosmetics and aesthetic details allow players to fully build out their Snoop Dogg operator with a variety of options. The three weapons that are kitted out, the Type 99, Cooper Carbine, and MP40, are among the best in the game.

Snoop's unique finishing move is one of the most interesting and unique in the game. The rapper knocks out his enemy with a bottle of high-class champagne before popping the cork and letting the suds flow.

Snoop's kit comes with a series of tracer rounds that add a familiar green to his bullets. In addition, the enemies he's slain come down with a unique combustible effect.

Snoop Dogg is one of the most fully realized characters in Call of Duty. Fans of the games and the rapper should jump in to buy the operator and his pack.

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