How to get TOTY players in FIFA 23?

Getting a TOTY card will be hugely valuable for the players (Images via EA Sports)
Getting a TOTY card will be hugely valuable for the players (Images via EA Sports)

The TOTY promo has been active in FIFA 23 since Friday, January 20, and players are busy trying to get the special items. Every year, EA Sports releases special cards of footballers who perform the best in a given year. The well-decorated promo has appeared once more, and there are plenty of options for gamers to explore.

Of course, the special items will be high on every player's wishlist, but getting them won't be easy. As of now, the special items are being rotationally released in packs based on positions. At the time of writing, the three midfielder cards of Bellingham, De Bruyne, and Modric are available in the packs.

As easy as it sounds, getting the special cards will be quite difficult, but there are certain tricks and tips that FIFA 23 players can follow. While these steps won't guarantee a TOTY item, they will certainly enable players to invest their resources better.

The TOTY items will be valuable assets for any FIFA 23 player and their Ultimate Team squad

There's no one certain way to get a TOTY item, and it doesn't matter how many resources a player spends. A FIFA 23 player can spend as much as they want, but no pack guarantees a special item from the ongoing promo.

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Despite that, one of the safest approaches is to go with the FUT market. There's a big catch - the items won't be cheap by any means, but there's a solution. The price of these cards is high for two reasons: their overalls and stats are very high, and their supply is very limited.

This is why it's best to wait until the end of the first week of February. By then, the supply of these cards will be much higher than what's available. For example, the defender and goalkeeper items aren't even available, and they will be very expensive to get in the current week.


It would be foolish to expect the price of TOTY items to fall drastically in FIFA 23. Even as the supply rises, many players will use it rather than sell it on the market. However, the supply two weeks from now will likely be higher.

Another alternative, albeit very risky, is to open packs with FUT coins or FIFA points, with the latter requiring players to spend real-life money. Remember that no pack guarantees a TOTY item, and one can open hundreds of packs and still not find any. However, selecting the correct packs by observing their stated odds is important.

Not every pack offers the same items, and the associated probabilities of getting them will also vary. Before opening any pack in FIFA 23, the priority should be to ensure that the odds for the TOTY item are as high as possible.


Now will also be the best time to open all the saved packs and complete as many SBCs as possible. EA Sports have been releasing resource-item SBCs daily. Opening as many packs as possible can be beneficial, but caution must be maintained.

If someone primarily wants to target the special items, it's worth doing the more expensive SBCs. While it might sound strange, their rewards tend to be better and contain cards with a high overall. In comparison, the basic League Upgrade SBCs barely offer anything that could drop an item from the ongoing promo.

Ultimately, it all boils down to luck, as many players are left each year without a special card. Those willing to wait can acquire the cards later from the market for comparatively cheaper prices. But it's mostly to do with luck, as those who get the items will greatly cherish the performances.

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