How to get more wins in FIFA 23 FUT Champions

FUT Champions rewards have been updated in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)
FUT Champions rewards have been updated in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)

With the arrival of Team of the Season in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, EA Sports have updated FUT Champions rewards to now accommodate TOTS items into the red player picks. This has made the Weekend League more competitive than ever before, with gamers vying to achieve the best ranks possible in an attempt to get their hands on these elusive special cards.

In such a scenario, getting more wins is more crucial than ever for gamers looking to get the most out of their time in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. TOTS rewards will play a significant role in helping fans upgrade their squads, but achieving these wins will also be harder than ever. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks that gamers can add to their arsenal to try and secure the best possible ranks.

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FUT Champions is an extremely rewarding game mode in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

To qualify for the FUT Champions Finals, gamers must first earn enough qualification points by playing Division Rivals. Once they have the necessary amount of points, they must win at least four out of ten qualification games, which is fairly simple for gamers who regularly play FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.


Once players achieve qualification, they can participate in the FUT Champions Weekend League, which has now been extended for an additional 48 hours during Team of the Season. Gamers can use the following tips and tricks to optimize their approach and get more wins:

Warm up before you play

This is probably the most important tip gamers overlook when playing Weekend League in FIFA 23. Every game matters in this game mode, with players competing at the peak of their abilities to get as many wins as possible. In such an environment, not being at your best is a recipe for disaster.

To ensure they are warmed up before resuming their FUT Champions grind, gamers must first play a practice game in Division Rivals.

Plan your games wisely

Playing competitive online FIFA 23 gameplay for too long can be taxing, especially with every game being so fiercely contested. Gamers should split their 20 games wisely, especially with the overall duration now being extended by 48 hours, giving players plenty of time to finish their games at their own pace.

Improve your squad


This is probably the most obvious yet important factor in getting more wins in FIFA 23. The concept of Ultimate Team revolves around building the best possible squad with the assets available to you, with better players providing gamers with increased chances of winning.

With so many new TOTS items being added to the game, gamers must actively participate in gameplay and menu-based activities in FUT 23 to try and elevate their squad to the next level.

Crossplay can be dangerous


Crossplay was recently introduced to FIFA 23, much to the excitement of fans around the globe. However, PC hackers have made the feature rather redundant for console gamers. With EA's Anti-Cheat facing issues of its own, hackers have been rampant in Ultimate Team with exploits like the Ultimate AI glitch and the invisibility glitch.

For this reason alone, switching off crossplay can potentially be a wise move for console gamers when participating in FUT Champions.

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