How to get Yukong for free in Honkai Star Rail

Yukong, as depicted in her character trailer
Honkai Star Rail is offering a free copy of Yukong for grabs, but how can players participate? (Image via HoYoverse)

The newest 4-star character in Honkai Star Rail, Yukong, has stirred the community's interest thanks to her incredible design and support-oriented gameplay. Unfortunately, she is only accessible to players lucky enough to summon a copy from the Luocha character banner - at least until now. Developers HoYoverse are now handing out each eligible player a free copy of Yukong, provided they meet certain prerequisites first.

Players will have to take part in a brand new event for version 1.2 to unlock her. The details of the event will be described briefly in this article.

New Forgotten Hall stage in version 1.2 of Honkai Star Rail rewards players with a free copy of Yukong

The Forgotten Hall section of Honkai Star Rail presents players with a series of consecutive challenges to clear in exchange for lucrative rewards such as Stellar Jade. As of version 1.1, the number of such challenges offered in-game is quite limited - with no additional stages to clear post-stage 15.

Thankfully, developers HoYoverse have decided to add a brand new section to the Forgotten Hall. This new zone is named “The Voyage of Navis Astriger” and presents players with a unique set of challenges and tempting rewards.

One of the highlighted rewards on offer is a free copy of Yukong, obtainable as soon as players clear the first “Memory of Xianzhou” stage. Players should keep in mind that they might have to attempt a perfect 3-star clear rating to obtain her.

This is particularly reassuring news for players who have missed out on her during Luocha’s banner or are choosing to skip it in favor of version 1.2’s banners.

Yukong is an incredible support character, rivaling the likes of Tingyun in her effectiveness. As such, obtaining a free copy of her is greatly advised.

How can players participate in the Honkai Star Rail event and redeem the free copy of Yukong?


This section of the Forgotten Hall will likely be unlocked after players complete the first 15 stages. Furthermore, as a prerequisite, players must also have completed the Trailblaze quest, “Xianzhou Luofu - A Dragon Gallant, its Ocean Distant,” to unlock the challenges.

The event will permanently be available with the release of the version 1.2 update and will be accessible to all players.

Clearing the first stage will automatically deposit a copy of Yukong into the player’s account. In case of a duplicate, her Eidolons will be unlocked instead.


Honkai Star Rail version 1.2 is due to be released on July 19, 2023. The game is available as a free-to-play turn-based RPG for PC and mobile devices, with a PlayStation 5 release being planned sometime in Q4 2023.