Yukong vs Tingyun: Which character is better in Honkai Star Rail?

Yukong and Tingyun are good support units in Honkai Star rail (Image via HoYoverse)
Yukong and Tingyun are good support units in Honkai Star rail (Image via HoYoverse)

With the release of the Luocha banner in Honkai Star Rail, Yukong also got released as a playable character with abilities to support and buff her team. Her kit mainly revolves around buffing her ally's damage which is similar to Tingyun's kit. In most endgame activities, your team requires good damage output, as clearing them is challenging.

Both excel in their field and are extremely valuable to their team. You might wonder which character to use in your party as both are similar to each other. Thus, let's find out who you should use in your party as the team's primary buffer/supporter in Honkai Star Rail.

Tingyun's abilities, and how good is she in Honkai Star Rail?


Tingyun has been in Honkai Star Rail since its release, excelling in supporting her team with buffs. Since she is a four-star character and was featured in the Jing Yuan banner, there is a high probability that you already have her in your collection.

Tingyun's skill grants one of her allies benediction that increases their ATK stat by 25%-62.5% of her ATK. When the buffed ally attacks an enemy, they deal additional lightning damage. The only downside of this skill is that the benediction buff is only effective on the latest receiver of her skill. Her ultimate, after activating, regenerates 50 energy for an ally and increases their damage by 20%-65% for two turns.

Tingyun's ultimate allows many characters who deal massive damage with their ultimate to use it more on the battlefield. Her passive talent, Violet Sparknado, allows allies with the benediction buff to deal follow-up lightning damage when Tingyun attacks an enemy.

Yukong's abilities, and how good is she in Honkai Star Rail?


Yukong is one of the new characters with abilities to support her teammates. Her abilities mainly focus on increasing her ally's damage output, allowing them to deal more damage to enemies.

Yukong's skill lets her obtain two stacks of Roaring Bowstrings. When she has the buff stacks, her allies get their ATK stat increased by 40%-100% until the end of their turn. Also, if Yukong has a stack of Roaring Bowstring while casting her ultimate, she buffs all allies' CRIT rate and CRIT DMG. Simultaneously, she damages a single enemy.

As Yukong buffs her team and increases their overall damage output, she is a must-have character for your team. You can obtain her from the limited-time character event banner, as she is one of the featured four-star characters of the banner in Honkai Star Rail.

Tingyun vs. Yukong: Who wins the battle as the best support in Honkai Star Rail?


Yukong wins this battle as her buffs increase her allies' damage output more than Tingyun's and deal damage in the process. Tingyun's buff multipliers are alright compared to Yukong's, as she can carry her team through most activities.

However, Yukong has more potential to support her team than Tingyun. Her passive talent lets her break the enemy's shields with ease. Furthermore, her CRIT and ATK stat buffs make her the perfect support to have in a team for endgame activities.