How to kill the boss Rovlen in Lost Ark

Lost Ark comes to North America and Europe on February 11th. (Image via Smilegate RPG)
Lost Ark comes to North America and Europe on February 11th. (Image via Smilegate RPG)
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Lost Ark is a Korean free-to-play MMORPG that is expanding worldwide this month. The game has already mustered a fan base in its early release window and has many awards in its home country.

The game features many of the hallmarks of its venerable genre, including massive raid bosses. The third raid boss in Lost Ark is Rovlen, and he's a substantial challenge.

How to beat Rovlen in Lost Ark

Rovlen in Lost Ark. (Image via
Rovlen in Lost Ark. (Image via

First, head to the Bilbrin Forest in the lower-left corner of West Luterra. Keep an eye on the area chat to determine which channel Rovlen is active on. Rovlen respawns every thirty minutes after death, so if he's not around, wait for his respawn. Once the player enters Rovlen's domain, they need to gather the party and fight.

Rovlen has two primary attacks: swinging his tentacles in an arc highlighted in red and spitting poison in a straight line. He also occasionally shields himself, which causes him to take less damage. Rovlen can summon small tendrils, which will attack the player automatically.

Make sure to kill those tendrils quickly, or they will overwhelm the party. Players should stay on the move to avoid Rovlen's massive AOE attacks.

Magic users and ranged fighters should stay in the back while in-fighters keep moving in a circle around the enemy. Players must do 35,619,893 damage to defeat the boss, separated amongst 23 life bars. Rovlen is a level 25 boss, the highest level world boss currently in the game.

What is Rovlen?

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In the lore of Lost Ark, Rovlen is a plant monster created by magical pieces of the moon. Once an ordinary seed, the tainted plant mutated and grew tentacles as a dark hunger emerged.

After feeding on the surrounding wildlife for some time, Rovlen got its first taste of human flesh, which immediately became its primary desire.

As a world boss, Rovlen is one of the biggest threats in the world of Lost Ark. It is joined in that role by Rudric and the Salt Giant, each of whom occupies different continents. Rovlen is the third and most potent world boss released so far.

Why players should beat Rovlen

Aside from the obvious value of a challenge, Rovlen's defeat does come with rewards. As the most significant threat currently in the game, Rovlen drops a heavy chest upon dying.

The rewards for beating world bosses are class-dependent. It could include weapons, armor, and jewelry that make the player better at their chosen role. The chest could also have a variety of treasure maps that could lead the player to even greater rewards.

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