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How to level up fast in Fortnite Season 6: Hidden milestones, XP glitches, Team Rumble strategy, and more

Best ways to earn XP in Fortnite Season 6 (Image via Epic Games)
Best ways to earn XP in Fortnite Season 6 (Image via Epic Games)
Modified 21 Mar 2021

The release of Fortnite Season 6 has introduced a few factors that will allow players to earn XP rapidly to level up their Battle Pass.

Apart from the traditional Team Rumble matches, there are a few methods by which players can amass huge amounts of XP in Fortnite Season 6.

Players have also discovered two glitches that will allow players to earn 12,500 extra XP from every game they play. Epic Games is expected to soon release hotfix updates to remove these glitches from the game.

Fortnite Season 6 has marked the return of hidden milestones to the game. All of the hidden milestones have five tiers that players. Players can earn 12,500 XP from each tier.

Since the milestones haven't been revealed by Epic Games and can only be triggered by completing specific tasks in Fortnite Season 6, players are advised to explore and experiment as much as they can in-game.

Collecting XP from Hidden Milestones in Fortnite Season 6 to level up Battle Pass

There are endless hidden milestones available for players to complete in Fortnite Season 6. They range from consuming bananas, mushrooms, apples, and other foragable goods to eliminating enemies with specific weapons. The best way to complete hidden milestones is to play the game and explore as much of the map as possible.

To quickly claim some of the weapon-related milestones, players can try out the PRO 100 community creation game mode. All eliminations that players earn in this game mode will count as progress towards the hidden milestones.


Exploring and collecting hidden milestones is arguably the best method to amass massive amounts of XP within a short span of time in Fortnite Season 6. However, players should not fixate on the PRO 100 game mode as there are lots of hidden milestones not even slightly related to weapons or eliminations.

The countless features that have been introduced in Fortnite Season 6 make it optimal for players to collect more XP in short durations. From crafting items to taming animals, everything that a player does in the game will result in progression towards these hidden milestones.

Published 21 Mar 2021, 19:20 IST
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