How to level up the Tenrai Event pass in Halo Infinite

Earn tiers with challenges in the Tenrai Event (Image via Xbox)
Earn tiers with challenges in the Tenrai Event (Image via Xbox)

With the Fracture: Tenrai Event in full swing for Halo Infinite, players can begin leveling up the new Event Pass. This new pass will work in tandem with the ongoing Season 1 Battle Pass and acts similarly in terms of leveling through the tiers.

The Battle Pass itself has already been a struggle for many fans in Halo Infinite, considering how the XP works after the game launched last week. For the Fracture: Tenrai Event Pass, leveling through the tiers should be a faster process, but gamers won't be able to level up passively.

Instead, they'll need to focus their attention on specific challenges within Halo Infinite.

Earn more levels in Halo Infinite during the Fracture: Tenrai Event


Earning tiers in the Tenrai Event is fairly simple, but it will take some time based on the availability of challenges. This is where the Battle Pass and the Event Pass are separated in Halo Infinite.

To gain new tiers and levels with the Event Pass, players must complete challenges, and there are no other ways to progress. Each challenge will give exactly one tier on the pass, no more and no less.

There is no XP gained on the Event Pass either, so simply playing through games will not help.

To see what challenges need to be completed, users can head to the weekly challenges tab. This section of the menus is the same location for the normal weekly challenges as well. The difference is the red banner on the Tenrai Event challenges, which marks it as specifically Tenrai.

One benefit of the Tenrai Event challenges is the addition of XP to both the Battle Pass and progression to the Event Pass, which regular challenges cannot do in Halo Infinite. It's certainly worth pursuing them in PvP matches.

How long is the Fracture: Tenrai Event available in Halo Infinite?

Gamers need to complete challenges to unlock new rewards (Image via Xbox)
Gamers need to complete challenges to unlock new rewards (Image via Xbox)

Unlike the normal Battle Pass, the Tenrai Event Pass is only available for set amounts of time in Halo Infinite. For the debut of this event, the pass will last about seven days and end on November 29.

Even though the Event Pass will leave soon, it is slated to return in January 2022 and the month after. Players will be able to continue their progress when the event returns and earn more rewards in Halo Infinite.

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