How to main Brimstone in Valorant

Image Credits: Reddit
Image Credits: Reddit
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Valorant, the latest sensation in the gaming world, has established itself quite well. From its closed beta to update 1.08, players have been positively engrossed with the game. Numerous pros from other games like CS: GO, and League Of Legends have also migrated and become Valorant pros.

This tactical shooter comes with a massive array of abilities for players. The Agents in the game are vested with skills useable during opportune moments. Numerous experts have claimed that Riot Games has tried a mixture of CS: GO and Overwatch with this new offering.

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However, that is not the case, as Valorant's dynamic is quite different from both these games. They have similar elements, but it is in no way a mixture.

The Agents in Valorant have four categories: Initiator, Controller, Duelists, and Sentinels. Of these, Controllers have the most impact on the dynamics of a team.

Omen and Brimstone are the two major Controller Agents. While the former is a favorite, Brimstone is somewhat underrated in a lot of ways. And after the latest 1.08 patch, perhaps Brimstone would be nerfed.

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What makes a good Controller?

Image Credits: Valorant Twitter
Image Credits: Valorant Twitter

Numerous players would claim that they can main Brimstone, simply because of the easy abilities. However, there are very few who can pull it off. Firstly, Brimstone's role as a Controller is quite different from Omen, who is more of a one-person show, whereas the former is a team player.

The four abilities given to Brimstone are: Stim Beacon, Sky Smokes, Incendiary, and Orbital Strike. The last skill has the capacity to eliminate all five opponents at once, and if placed right, can be one of the smoothest ults in the game.

Image Credits: Valorant Twitter
Image Credits: Valorant Twitter

A good sense of positioning, predictive map knowledge, and trigger discipline, or ability discipline, make a suitable Controller. Popular streamers who main Brimstone always take the precaution to Stim at the right spot. This way, the entire team can take advantage of the rapid-fire ability.

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How to main as Brimstone in Valorant


A comprehensive video from ProGuides Valorant Tips, Tricks, and Guides shows how to precisely use Brimstone's abilities.

  • On Bind: If someone is charging to B, then players need to make sure that B Long and Hookah are smoked. This way, the opponents cannot attack from Elbow. Similarly, for an A plant, Heaven, Hay, and the Showers should be smoked.
  • On a map like Split and Ascent, players need to maintain the same formula. Having two bomb sites makes it simple for Controller players. Similarly, Molotov lineups can be discovered by players. These lineups usually help in a post-plant situation, as the player doesn't need to be in range to win the round.
  • On Haven, areas like B-Ramp, A-Ramp, A-Heaven, Garage, and C-Long need smokes before entry. Having a Sova or a Breach on the team helps out, as it temporarily discovers the opponent's location.

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These are a few tips and tricks players need to learn to main as Brimstone. Besides, practicing innovative plays always brings out the best from any Agent.

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