How to make your castle last longer in V Rising

Castles are a vampire's domain (Image via Stunlock Studios)
Castles are a vampire's domain (Image via Stunlock Studios)

V Rising puts the ‘vampire’ in a ‘vampire survival game’ by incorporating various abilities and game mechanics related to how vampires are portrayed in popular media. For example, players should avoid walking into sunlight or else they will take damage. Then there is the character's never-ending thirst for blood that needs to be quenched.

To survive in V Rising, players have to collect materials, craft items, and structures. One of the most important structures in the game is a castle. It becomes a player’s base of operations to improve their strength. It also serves as a getaway from the sun’s rays and the threat of death at the hands of living humans.

However, every vampire in V Rising starts from humble beginnings. Building a castle in the game requires a significant amount of effort from the player. Once players obtain a castle, they will want to do everything in their power to prevent it from decaying. Here is how players can make their castles last longer in V Rising.

V Rising: how to make your castle last longer


Structures in V Rising do not last forever, like the stone ruins players will inevitably come across when finding a place to settle. In the game, decaying is an actual game mechanic that is intrinsically tied to the Castle Heart. Players can think of the Castle Heart as the health of a castle.

During the main quest, which every player has to follow, an objective is given to build a Castle Heart. To build a Castle Heart in the game, players will require the following items:

  • 240 Stone
  • 30 Blood Essence

Both of these ingredients are found in the world. Stones can be collected from small, gray rock formations and Blood Essence can be obtained from killing creatures, humanoid or animal. Players should consider farming more Blood Essence than what is required to build the Castle Heart because it is important to the Castle Heart itself.

To power the Castle Heart, players have to feed it Blood Essence or Greater Blood Essence. By interacting with the Castle Heart in V Rising, Blood Essence can be inserted directly into the structure. The Castle Heart feeds off of the Blood Essence, which means it will not last forever. Thankfully, the Castle Heart gives a time limit before the surrounding structures start to decay.


To prevent castles from decaying, all players have to do is feed it more and more Blood Essence. The preferred method is to insert enough Blood Essence to fill every empty inventory slot.

Additionally, castles can last longer if the player upgrades their castle. This allows additional Blood Essence slots to open, which helps it last longer. It’s incredibly helpful if players leave the castle often as they don’t want to worry about castle decay.

Lastly, players can also alter server settings, provided they own the server. When creating a new game, two settings can be adjusted:

  • Decay Rate Multiplier: Determines how fast the castle decays. Can be disabled completely.
  • Blood Essence Drain Rate: Determines how fast castles drain Blood Essence. Can’t be disabled, but significantly lowered.

In conclusion, to make their castles last longer, players can either keep a healthy reservoir of Blood Essence or adjust the server settings before starting the game.

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