How to make custom tier lists for the latest characters in Genshin Impact

Example Genshin Impact character tier list snippet
Example Genshin Impact character tier list snippet
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Genshin Impact players have been ranking and comparing their playable characters since the game’s emergence last September.

Tier lists judge characters based on their in-game capabilities, and creators can sort characters by traits such as Elemental Vision. No tier list is accurate for every player, but it’s fun to compare regardless.

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How to make custom character tier lists in Genshin Impact

The easiest way for players to make their own character tier list is by using a template in TierMaker.

The templates are structured such that the tier names go on the left, in the column with different colors. The icons are grouped in the middle, and there are useful tools on the right.

To fill out the tier list, creators should do the following:

  • Find a template with the desired character icons.
  • Drag and drop the images at the bottom to their row of choice.
  • To unassign characters, either reassign them to another row or use the “Clear Row Images” function located within the gear icon.
  • Add or remove rows using the gear icon.

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The following is an example tier list, using the template found here.

Example Genshin Impact tier list made in TierMaker
Example Genshin Impact tier list made in TierMaker

This template has all the latest characters up through version 1.4. Creators who don’t want to group characters by Vision can simply rename the left column labels to “SS, S, A, etc.”

Of course, character comparisons don’t need to be based on the characters’ playstyle. Many players have ranked characters based on their personality traits and taken their tier lists to Twitter.

When the tier list is finished, the creator can either download it as an image, or create an account with TierMaker to save the list for future reference.

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