The best characters in Genshin Impact to use with battle pass weapons

Unique weapon rewards in Genshin Impact’s Battle Pass
Unique weapon rewards in Genshin Impact’s Battle Pass
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The Gnostic Hymn is one of the most cost-efficient purchases for Genshin Impact’s P2W players, provided they are actively trying to level up their Battle Pass.

The $10 purchase provides players with heaps of extra materials, and sometimes wishes, upon leveling up their Battle Pass. Players who pay an extra $10 for the Gnostic Chorus instantly level up their Battle Pass by 10, and they also receive a unique namecard and five fragile resin.

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As an added bonus, players with the Gnostic Hymn are given the choice between five unique weapon rewards at Battle Pass level 30. All of the weapon options are fairly powerful four-stars that boost a character’s crit rate, making them great for DPS characters.

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Character recommendations for Genshin Impact’s Battle Pass weapons

The Black Sword

Genshin Impact Battle Pass reward: The Black Sword
Genshin Impact Battle Pass reward: The Black Sword

This sword works well for any main DPS character. For the time being, the only sword-wielding character who’s popularly used for DPS is Keqing.

The Black Sword has a very straightforward and helpful ability that increases damage dealt by normal and charged attacks. This weapon also restores HP based on ATK damage when a crit lands, once every five seconds max.

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With a simple, damage-focused ability, The Black Sword will likely remain a solid option for DPS characters. Although it is outclassed by five-star swords like the Primordial Jade Cutter, sword wielders should be able to survive and thrive with the Battle Pass option.

Serpent Spine

Genshin Impact Battle Pass reward: Serpent Spine
Genshin Impact Battle Pass reward: Serpent Spine

The claymore option both rewards and punishes its users for staying in play for an extended time. Every four seconds that its user is in the field, they do more damage, but take slightly more damage as well. The effect stacks up to five times, with a stack being removed upon taking damage.

Using this weapon is certainly risky, and players may even avoid it entirely, depending on their style of gameplay. However, there are great ways that claymore-wielding characters can use the Serpent Spine.

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Xinyan is the best fit for the Serpent Spine, as her ability to create a shield can help lessen the negative effects of the weapon.

Diluc and Razor players can also opt for the Serpent Spine if no better options are available, though it would be safe to go into combat alongside a shield-creating character like Zhongli or Diona.

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Solar Pearl

Genshin Impact Battle Pass reward: Solar Pearl
Genshin Impact Battle Pass reward: Solar Pearl

This catalyst’s ability, Solar Shine, allows normal attacks to temporarily increase Elemental Skill and Burst damage.

Since catalyst-users are the most consistent in dealing elemental damage, it’s safe to assume the Solar Pearl will be a suitable option in the foreseeable future.

For now, Klee and Ninguang players are happy to pick up this catalyst from the Battle Pass. Utility characters, meanwhile, should steer clear of wielding the Solar Pearl.

Characters like Barbara should stick to the three-star weapon, Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers. Teams will benefit more when the utility character has this F2P catalyst, owing to its ability to increase other party members’ ATK after switching them into play.

The Viridescent Hunt

Genshin Impact Battle Pass reward: The Viridescent Hunt
Genshin Impact Battle Pass reward: The Viridescent Hunt

The Viridescent Hunt is a very useful bow, especially for players who don’t have a five-star bow in their inventory. Its ability gives normal and charged attacks a chance to create a cyclone that attracts enemies and deals consistent damage.

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This bow is a great fit for a main DPS character, but it can also be used on a sub DPS character like Fischl to give them some crowd control abilities.

Childe (Tartaglia) is a great fit for the Viridescent Hunt, as players can group enemies in one location before switching to his melee stance and causing chaos.

However, when it comes to five-star DPS characters, Ganyu is the one who can use this bow the best. Players can take advantage of the bow’s cyclone, grouping enemies in one place so that Ganyu’s Elemental Skill and Burst can hit as many enemies as possible.


Genshin Impact Battle Pass reward: Deathmatch
Genshin Impact Battle Pass reward: Deathmatch

The Gnostic Hymn’s polearm option increases its user’s ATK and DEF when multiple enemies are nearby, and increases its user’s ATK greatly when only one enemy is near.

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The Deathmatch is a perfect match for Xiao. Defense is rarely a focal point in Genshin Impact, but the defense boost can be something of a safety net for when Xiao is losing HP from his Elemental Burst. And of course, for any main DPS like him and Hu Tao, an ATK buff is warmly welcomed.

Players can also equip Zhongli with this polearm to buff his Elemental Burst. When paired with a Crit DMG boosting artifact, Zhongli’s Burst can be deadly.

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