How many game modes are there in Mario Golf: Super Rush?

Image via Nintendo
Image via Nintendo

Mario Golf: Super Rush delivers some classic game modes along with some new ones.

Players jumping into their first Mario Golf entry may find some of them a bit confusing, but will quickly get the hang of it. Mario Golf: Super Rush isn't packed to the brim with content, so getting used to these modes is a must.


Overall, there are five game modes that players can select within Mario Golf: Super Rush. With downloadable content coming in the future, it is unknown if more game modes will be added.

All five game modes in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Image via Nintendo
Image via Nintendo

Standard Golf

Standard Golf is exactly what you think it is. The player with the lowest score wins and up to four players can go at it by either taking turns or playing through at the same time. Mario Golf: Super Rush has six unlockable courses for this mode.

The amount of holes played varies from 3, 6, 9, or a full 18. It can be played through local or online multiplayer as well, allowing players to golf against others around the world.

Speed Golf

Speed Golf is a race to the finish line. It works similarly to Standard Golf in Mario Golf: Super Rush. Holes can either be 3, 6, 9, or 18 as four players can take part locally or online.

These six unlockable courses are available, however everyone must play at the same time. The goal is to sink your ball into the hole faster than other players. The mode involves using special abilities to either improve your play or hinder your opponents.

Solo Challenge

Solo Challenge is a single player Mario Golf: Super Rush game mode. The six main courses are available, but have to be played with all 18 holes in each specific course.

This is where players can go to train their skills. They can either do Score Attack to set a high scoring record or Time Attack to see how fast they can take their ball to the green.

Battle Golf

Battle Golf is a head-to-head mode for up to four players online or locally in Mario Golf: Super Rush. There is one pre-set course available to play and each game of Battle Golf is 9 holes.

All players compete at the same time as new obstacles are on their way to bolster the competition. The holes on this course disappear when a player sinks their ball and the only way to win is to sink three before their opponents.

Golf Adventure

Golf Adventure is the final game mode in Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch. Being in single player mode, it uses an already created or made-from-scratch Mii character.

It is widely seen as an RPG version of the game.

Players earn XP by defeating bosses, training, winning matches, and more. The goal is to join a golfing country club and level up your ranking from rookie to pro.

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