How to master Sojourn in Overwatch 2

Mastering Sojourn in Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Mastering Sojourn in Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Sojourn is a Damage Hero in Overwatch 2 and is a former Overwatch captain. She leads her allies into battle with her high-damage attacks and mobility. Although her abilities appear straightforward, Sojourn is a Hero who requires a high level of skill to play effectively due to the character's reliance on accurate aim to hit targets.

Take a look at each of her abilities, as well as some tips and tricks for becoming a better Sojourn user in Overwatch 2 below.

How to effectively play Sojourn in Overwatch 2

Sojourn, the Canadian hero, has a railgun with two firing modes. The firearm can either rapid-fire projectiles like a traditional rifle or a charged-up beam to deal damage with primary fire.

When fully charged, this railgun shot is extremely powerful and capable of taking down Damage Class Heroes with 200 health in a single shot.


Of course, Sojourn is very skill dependent, as are most Damage Heroes. Players will need to be able to land shots and ensure good positioning to make the most of her kit.

Her Power Slide can be used to dip in and out of fights, get to advantageous positions on the map, or just speed up her basic movement. This skill helps her be a more slippery target in Overwatch 2. Using Power Slide frequently while still being able to land shots is essential for success when playing as Sojourn.

Best way to play Sojourn

When choosing Sojourn in Overwatch 2, you will want to fight on the front lines and rely on your ability to land shots with your primary weapon. The Disruptor Shot, which is talked about in the next section, is the only other legitimate offensive option. But it has a lengthy cooldown and is unlikely to result in any eliminations on its own.

Instead, concentrate on laying down the primary fire โ€” sliding to stay mobile and avoid damage โ€” while charging up the railgun.


Sojourn is lethal at medium range as she can land primary shots more effectively and finish off weakened opponents with a precise railgun shot. While engaging from greater distances isn't pointless, keep in mind that her attacks take time to reach targets and can be dodged.

Keep up the action, stay mobile, and remember that she has no way of healing herself. To ensure survival, you should work with Support heroes.

Sojourn's abilities

Power Slide: This allows Sojourn to slide along the ground, similar to what some other FPS games like Apex Legends let you do. However, the ability, instead of slowing her down, increases her speed. This happens because of her mechanical leg thrusters. Furthermore, if you jump before the slide ends, you will receive a sort of super-jump.

Disruptor Shot: This ability sees the firing of an energy projectile that creates an energy field wherever it lands. This field slows down and deals damage to enemies inside it over time, making it ideal for area denial. If an enemy remains within the zone for the duration, it will deal approximately 200 damage.

Overclock: Sojourn's Ultimate is underwhelming when described, but it is extremely powerful in the right hands. When activated, Sojourn's secondary railgun shots charge over time, regardless of whether regular shots are being fired.

Furthermore, when a railgun bolt is fired, it will be buffed to pierce enemies, allowing Overwatch 2 players to hit multiple targets if foes are lined up.

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