How to unlock Sojourn in Overwatch 2 - abilities, class, and more explained

How to unlock sojourn in Overwatch 2 and abilities explained (Image via Sportskeeda)
How to unlock sojourn in Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)

The latest release of Overwatch 2 has stirred the attention of the entire gaming community. Blizzard Entertainment released the prequel back in 2016. A large player base grew under this umbrella and created a large community of fans.

Sojourn, an Overwatch captain, was featured in the first installation as well. Overwatch 2 is re-introducing the hero in the damage class. Fans are excited to see how this new transition will affect the gameplay combined with the other changes that Blizzard has incorporated into its new title.

Here is how players can unlock Sojourn and her abilities in Overwatch 2.

How to unlock Sojourn and a brief of her abilities in Overwatch 2


Sojourn is a damage class hero who performs well on the battlefield thanks to her high mobility and powerful Railgun. The relentless method of playing this character rewards the fans heavily as she can charge up her Railgun and essentially one-shot most enemies. Heroes in this class are the primary damage-inflicting characters that take fights to conquer objectives.

How to unlock


Sojourn is a damage class hero that can be easily unlocked by simply logging into Overwatch 2 in Season 1. It is being introduced as a welcome reward in the game that all players can acquire to participate in the early stages. It is a fairly simple method of unlocking such a promising hero in the category considering that the criteria for it has been set much higher.

Sojourn’s abilities

Here is a list of all Sojourn's abilities and a brief explanation of their effects.

  • Railgun: Sojourn's main weapon allows players to use the primary fire to shoot rapid-fire projectiles that build up the energy or charge her main gun. The secondary fire shoots out high-impact piercing shots that use stored energy acquired from the primary one. The higher the stored energy, the more the damage output.
  • Power Slide: This ability allows Sojourn players to slide in the direction they are moving in and gain a speed boost while doing so. Performing a jump while sliding results in a higher jump than normally available to them. The cooldown for this ability is six seconds.
  • Disruptor Shot: This ability allows Sojourn users to shoot an energy field that has the effect of reducing the movement speed of enemies. It damages them if they're caught in the effective area. The cooldown for this ability is 15 seconds and lasts for a total of four seconds when used.
  • Overclock: Sojourn's Ultimate ability that allows players to use her Railgun freely as it regenerates its energy charge automatically for a short period. During the active state of her ultimate, it gains the ability to pierce through multiple enemies.

How to play Sojourn

Sojourn is the embodiment of a battle-hardened soldier who has been through countless battles. Her abilities are therefore more battle-centric and concentrate on maximizing damage. The hero's playstyle is limited in that sense and requires diligent map sense in order to control the pace of the match.

It is crucial to keep a distance between enemy players as Sojourn can be the most active damage-dealing hero. By inflicting damage upon enemy tanks, one can build up charge for their Railgun and use secondary fire to take down support and damage-class enemies.

Using this combination of bursts of primary and secondary fire, Sojourn can support the team. The Disruptor shot should be saved to take down fleeing enemies or when they try to gather together and retreat in Overwatch 2.


Overwatch 2 is a new game but follows the norms of its predecessor so there are bound to be encounters between new and seasoned players. It is a title with multiple game modes for the fans to enjoy.

Additional content will be released for the game as time progresses. Blizzard is trying to uplift the gameplay experience as much as possible with new tweaks in the improved engine that Overwatch 2 is built on.

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