How to master Widowmaker in Overwatch 2

Mastering Widowmaker in Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Mastering Widowmaker in Overwatch 2 (image via Sportskeeda)

Widowmaker in Overwatch 2 isn't a typical DPS Hero, and she requires far more precision than most heroes. With the proper training and knowledge of each map's layout, players can turn Widowmaker into the ultimate one-shot hero, capable of decimating an enemy team before they even realize what's going on. The problem is that getting there takes a lot of effort.

Widowmaker is a sniper with an automatic rifle that deals more damage when it powers up after a few seconds, though the sniper variant is the most effective of the rifle's two forms. Widowmaker's short-range rifle is notoriously inaccurate, so even though it can theoretically deal a significant amount of damage at full power, the gun's spread means it'll be hard to pin an opponent down with it.

Widowmaker is commonly used as a long-shot hero in Overwatch 2

Widowmaker can use a grappling hook to escape enemies and reach high places, and she can also plant a Venom Mine that slowly depletes enemy health if they approach it and cause an explosion. Widowmaker's biggest weakness is that she only has one mode of transportation. She has low HP and will not survive a one-on-one fight, as one would expect from a sniper.


Playing as Widowmaker is all about wreaking havoc in Overwatch 2. This is best accomplished with a sniper rifle rather than an assault rifle because the sniper does more damage. She can charge up the sniper rifle's damage to aid in one-shot kills for headshots, or simply charge it up a fraction to fire faster but do less damage.

Widowmaker is commonly used as a long-shot hero in Overwatch 2, so players are less likely to be in the thick of things laying down fire. Her assault rifle isn't particularly powerful, and it only has a small magazine, so it is best used to defend herself if someone approaches her while sniping.


She can get to the high ground with the Grappling Hook in Overwatch 2, giving her a good vantage point against the enemy, and pairing this with the Venom Mine will help her protect herself from any enemies trying to sneak up on her.

She should also try to snipe and move away quickly, and staying mobile at all times will help her survive because the enemy won't know where she is once she has changed her vantage point.


Make use of the Infra-Sight whenever possible, as it will greatly assist the team when they are under pressure. The benefit of using this as Widowmaker is that she can pop the Ultimate even if she is in spawn and miles away from the team, and it will show the team where the enemies are. This means that even if she can't deal damage, she can still help the team by detecting enemies with infrared.

When playing as Widowmaker in Overwatch 2, she can protect the team and objectives by using her Venom Mine. Since the mine deals damage and shows enemies in infrared, she can place it on objectives to prevent enemies from pushing in. Since the Mine has a hook that can stick to most surfaces, she can stick it to walls to keep it out of sight and prevent it from being destroyed.

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