Biggest differences Overwatch players will notice in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 and Overwatch differences (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Overwatch 2 and Overwatch differences (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Overwatch 2 is set to release on October 4 at noon PDT/ October 5 at 12:30 am IST. Blizzard’s new title will carry over all of the heroes and maps present in its older title while also introducing newer content in the form of characters and gameplay elements.

Overwatch is a world-famous title developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The game was released back in 2016 and has been successful in garnering a massive player base since its inception. The title grew into a renowned esports while catering to casual players with different in-house game modes.

The Overwatch servers have already gone into 27-hour-long maintenance and will be available again with the launch of Overwatch 2 globally. Players will migrate to the new title, following up with the hype and curiosity and finding many differences from their known Overwatch environment.

Players will likely notice these differences between the two Overwatch games


Overwatch quickly gained the attention of the masses and became one of the largest esports titles. The game is one of its kind, with a unique gameplay and art style. A community was also formed, thus creating a huge player base and a hefty fan following.

1) Player vs Environment (PvE) soon to arrive


Overwatch did not have a PvE mode in their regular game modes. Overwatch 2 will feature a PvE mode that is expected to arrive soon after or with the global launch. Players can expect new missions and goals in early 2023 that will be introduced as seasonal content.

2) One Tank Hero


Overwatch 2 will have a revamped 5-player team instead of the classic 6-player team in Overwatch. This means that the team can have only one primary tank pick instead of utilizing two tanks like the players used in the older title.

3) New maps for all game modes


Circuit Royal will be available in the Escort game mode map pool in Overwatch 2. Midtown and Paraiso have been added to the Hybrid map pool as well. The new Push game mode will include a new Colosseo and Queen Street map.

4) New heroes


A new game or a sequel title means it unavoidably brings in new characters. Overwatch 2 will feature new heroes as well. The list of the new additions is as follows:

  • Sojourn (now introduced as a damage hero)
  • Junker Queen
  • Kiriko

Players can also expect a new tank hero to fit the new Overwatch 2. Several balances and changes are also expected within the first few weeks of the launch.

5) All new Push game mode


In addition to the Escort game mode, a new Push game mode will be featured in Overwatch 2. The goal is to defend and escort a robot called TS1 that steadily pushes a barricade over to the enemy spawn. The first team to push the barricade to the end of its route or push the barricade further than the enemy team wins.

6) New Scoreboard look


The new scoreboard is compact enough to feature a more modern look to the game’s UI. The ultimate ability indicator can now be found alongside the username of the heroes and is more easily noticeable.

The damage tracker window now displays damage mitigated stats or MIT that shows the amount of damage the player has mitigated by either shielding a teammate, using a biotic grenade, or using anti-heal on enemy players. The concept of Silver Healing and Gold Damage has been removed.

7) Ping location in-game


Overwatch 2 is finally introducing the accessibility feature of placing a ping or a pointer on the map. The ping on an enemy player will show the hero icon and the player's distance. Some heroes will feature specialized pings to mark disoriented enemies or downed teammates for support.

8) New voice lines


Numerous new voice lines have been added for heroes in Overwatch 2. Integrating new voice lines helps build and deepen the character of each hero and their interaction with other heroes. This is a huge upgrade for players that love and follow Overwatch’s story. New voice lines have also been introduced for all heroes while using or canceling skills mid-match.

9) Stuns and Knockback removal


The new single-tank team composition has startled the community. Blizzard has removed all stun and knock-back abilities from damage heroes to balance this new composition. Instead, only the tanks will feature abilities that can stun and knock back enemy players.

10) Exclusive Classic cosmetics


All the heroes will be getting a makeover for Overwatch 2. Players will be able to use the skins that they have collected over the years in Overwatch as well. All players will have the option to choose from the list of classic cosmetics and skins that are available in the new title and its predecessor. All previous Overwatch skins will also be available to customize with the heroes.

Players will notice these most significant differences while transitioning over to Blizzard's new title. The community might also notice the lighting and environmental changes in maps to suit the new title better.

The game is built on a newer engine so that fans can expect an improved gameplay experience. Be sure to stay up to date with Sportskeeda as we regularly cover all the stories around Overwatch 2.

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Edited by Srijan Sen
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