How to name and rename your pet in Lost Ark

Pets in Lost Ark can be named and renamed as many times as players want (Image via YouTube/ZaFrostPet)
Pets in Lost Ark can be named and renamed as many times as players want (Image via YouTube/ZaFrostPet)

No matter how large Arkesia is, players won't have to venture into the land of Lost Ark alone as the game's mechanics are designed to be enjoyed with friends.

Even if players prefer to experience Lost Ark solo, they can have an adorable pet accompany them on the journey. However, these pets do more than just follow players around; they also offer additional customization options.

For the sake of customization, pets can be named and renamed as many times as players want.

Here's a look at the steps that players can follow to rename pets in the game as well as the benefits that they offer.

What players should do to name and rename their pets in Lost Ark


To name their pets, players must first open the pet menu. The default shortcut is Alt + P.

Players can select the pet they wish to rename. To the right of the current pet name, they will see an icon that resembles a pencil and paper. Players should click on it to rename their pet. It should be noted that inappropriate names can inflict penalties.

If players haven’t earned a pet yet, Lost Ark offers one for free - a small white bunny. It’s given fairly early in the game, just after “Demons in Prideholme,” which is a main story quest.


“Learning About Pets” will be unlocked shortly after. This is an easy quest to finish, and it gives players a rundown of how pets operate. As a reward, players will get a tiny white bunny. Despite its small stature, the pet offers a wide range of benefits.

Pets in Lost Ark pick up items automatically. This means players can keep moving forward and leave the tedious task of picking up items for their pets. If they want, players can even specify the items their pets should pick up and the ones they should ignore.


Pets also provide passive buffs to stats. There are two slots for these effects.

In the first slot, which is geared towards defensive stats, players have a choice of:

  • +5% Max HP
  • +10% Physical Defense
  • +10% Magic Defense
  • +5% Physical Damage Reduction
  • +5% Magic Damage Reduction

The second slot is dedicated to offensive stats, such as critical chance and expertise. Here, players have a choice of:

  • +10% Crit
  • +10% Specialization
  • +10% Domination
  • +10% Swiftness
  • +10% Endurance
  • +10% Expertise

The best thing about pet effects is that they can be changed at any time. It’s free, and the game won’t penalize players for switching to another trait when the need arises.

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