How to obtain the Song of Spring in Lost Ark

The Song of Spring is quite useful in Lost Ark (Image via Amazon Games)
The Song of Spring is quite useful in Lost Ark (Image via Amazon Games)

Lost Ark has many fun systems and core gameplay mechanics that make the popular multiplayer title's gameplay exciting and interesting. The Song of Spring is one of more than twenty songs present in the game and each song has a specific distinct effect that amplifies the efficiency of certain tasks in the game.


The songs of Lost Ark are just one of many excellent features that help set the game apart from other MMORPGs. These songs can help players get collectibles and improve their relationship with NPCs within the game.

However, finding this useful item can be tricky if players don't know where to look. The tricky part of finding the Song of Spring is identifying the location itself.

Finding the Song of Spring in Lost is simple when Lost Ark players know the location

The first step in acquiring the Song of Spring is to get to Shangra Island. However, this is easier said than done since it is arguably the most challenging part of the entire task.

Interestingly, Shangra Island only spawns at particular times and isn't always available to players. Moreover, there are three possible locations where the island can spawn. This is why finding it can be tricky, even if players know all three locations.


However, things get simpler once players find the Shangra Island, which can take several tries based on how lucky the player is. Once they have found it, the player's objective is to beat the questline of the island.

The first quest is called 'The Garden Path,' which is relatively easy to complete. Once the final quest, called 'Shangra's Pure Energy,' is completed, players will automatically receive the Song of Spring.


This is the process for a Lost Ark player to get the Song of Spring. As mentioned earlier, the song helps improve the player's rapport with different NPCs, which can be quite rewarding later on in the game.

As a bonus, players can also earn additional rewards on Shangra Island. Upon completion, there's a repeatable daily quest that can reward players with a Shangra Island token.

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