How to optimize PUBG Mobile Lite latest 0.22.0 update to run smoothly on 2 GB RAM Android

Knowing the best settings for PUBG Mobile Lite (Image via Sportskeeda)
Knowing the best settings for PUBG Mobile Lite (Image via Sportskeeda)

PUBG Mobile Lite is the more optimized version of its superior counterpart, PUBG Mobile. The lighter version was released in 2019 and has become extremely popular.

The developers primarily released the game to cater to their audience who use low-end devices. With the new 0.22.0 update already released over a couple of months back, it becomes necessary for players with 2GB RAM Android devices to have knowledge about the settings that can optimize their game.

How to choose the best-optimized settings in PUBG Mobile Lite

1) General graphics settings


Graphics settings can considerably affect one's gaming experience. For users playing the game on devices with 2 GB of RAM, it becomes imperative to choose the most optimized graphics settings.

For such users, it is probably best that they choose the Smooth graphics settings. Smooth graphics unlock better frame rates, which helps PUBG Mobile Lite run without lags.

2) Choose the best FPS settings


Frame per second (FPS) plays a very crucial role in video games. Better FPS can enhance the gaming experience in a great way. PUBG Mobile Lite, being a Battle Royale game, requires a stable frame rate for players to perform their best.

There are different categories of FPS settings present in the game - Low, Medium, High, Ultra and Extreme. Although the Extreme FPS option can provide players with 60 FPS, which is the best frame rate to play PUBG Mobile Lite, it is not available to 2GB RAM Android device users.

While some devices with 2GB RAM can support the Ultra FPS option, other devices can only support up to High option. Players must choose the best option available on their device to have a lag-free gaming experience.

3) Clear Phone Storage


Keeping storage space free can enable PUBG Mobile Lite players to play the game without any problem. Players playing on Android devices with 2GB of RAM must ensure that their mobile is optimized at all times.

They can head over to the settings and get their device storage cleaned by deleting unused files and clearing caches.

Note: This article reflects the author's views. Also, players need to keep in mind that PUBG Mobile Lite is banned in countries like India. Players from this region are requested not to play the game. They can instead play BGMI or wait for BGMI Lite to be released.

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