How does pity work in Genshin Impact: Soft-pity and 50-50 explained

A look at pity in Genshin Impact (Image via Genshin Impact)
A look at pity in Genshin Impact (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact's wishes can seem like a total gamble, with fans spending their precious Primogems on getting a chance at their favorite characters. However, behind the scenes, the wish system operates on a precise formula known as pity.

This system controls everything, from the summoned characters to the exact 5-star that fans will receive. Players who take advantage of pity will be able to get any of the rare summons they want, provided they have enough Primogems to wish.

Genshin Impact: How pity works

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Genshin Impact's pity system begins to take effect from the moment gamers do their first wish. These summons count towards pity on each individual banner and allow fans to start building up towards their desired character.

Pity exists for both 4-stars and 5-stars, though it operates similarly. In essence, pity counts each wish users do until a certain number is reached, and then it guarantees a certain result.

For example, every time someone does at least ten wishes in a banner, they are guaranteed a 4-star. However, if they do these wishes on a featured banner, there is a chance that it won't be a character featured on the banner. When this occurs, it guarantees that the next 4-star will be from the banner's selection.

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This pity system also applies to 5-star characters. Many players choose this game to hunt down their favorite 5-star characters, as these unique, rare choices sport some incredible animations and abilities.

Luckily, getting these characters is easier than it seems. The max pity for a 5-star on the featured banner is 90 wishes, with a guaranteed character once 90 wishes have been completed.

However, similar to 4-stars, there is a chance that users won't receive the featured character. This is called a 50/50, and losing it can bring serious despair to anyone.


Losing a 50/50 isn't all bad news, though, as it guarantees that gamers will get a featured 5-star next. This can be a huge boon, as this bonus stays on an account through banners, meaning players can save it until they find a character they want.

Soft pity

The game's banners also have a soft pity system that can lower the number of wishes that it takes to get a 5-star by a ton. The soft pity system takes effect at around 75-80 wishes, saving users up to 1800 Primogems.

Fans should take advantage of this system by swapping to doing single wishes at this range, as the odds of a 5-star summon occurring are much higher.

Genshin Impact's hidden pity system can save gamers a lot of time and precious resources, so mastering it is important.

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