How to play Bo in Squad Busters: Information, stats, strategies and more

Bo in Squad Busters (Image via SuperCell)
Bo in Squad Busters (Image via SuperCell)

Bo is one of the best characters who ranks high on the Squad Busters tier list. Just like in Brawl Stars, he is an attacking character in Squad Busters who deals a lot of damage but does not have much health. His evolution abilities increase health points and make him a good all-rounder. Bo is a common character who can be found in Desert World.

You can use Bo along with other good characters to build the best squad and win battles. In this article, we will look at Bo's statistics and best strategies in Squad Busters.

All you need to know about Bo in Squad Busters

Bo's main utility is to attack enemy squads and protect defenders, suppliers, all-rounders, and tanks. The fusion perk allows him to deal even more damage to monsters and enemies. He is also able to drop mines which further damage enemy squads. This makes Bo and Barbarian King one of the best Squad Buster squad combinations.

Bo currently has four abilities, one for each of the in-game evolutions. Here are his abilities:

  • Baby - Deals 100% more damage to monsters
  • Classic - Deals 125% more damage to monsters
  • Super - Occasionally drops mines in the battle which further damages enemy squads
  • Ultra - Mines deal much more damage

If used properly, Bo can take down monsters and grab additional coins. These coins can be used to make a bigger and more powerful squad. Here are Bo's stats in Squad Busters:

  • Health - 850
  • Damage - 125
  • Fusion Health - 2975
  • Fusion Damage - 250

Bo in Squad Busters has five skins, including the basic default skin. Other skins are Kyudo, Egypt, Hunter, and City Hunter. There are also multiple emotes available for every evolution. At the moment, there are eight emotes available for Bo.

Strategies to use Bo in Squad Busters

Bo evolution in Squad Busters (Image via SuperCell)
Bo evolution in Squad Busters (Image via SuperCell)

Since Bo is an attacker character with one of the highest damage points, he should be used mostly in attacking strategies. He is able to clear enemy squads by himself if combined with a tank or defender to eat up damage. As a result, he has the best squad synergies with Barbarian King and El Primo.

Players should place him in the back of the squad to deal maximum damage and to lose the least health. Using his evolution abilities further increases his damage points and also allows him to drop mines.

Unlike Colt, Bo in Squad Busters can be occasionally used as a backup defender as he has better health once in his ultra evolution stage. He can be used as an additional attacker with Archer Queen, Barbarian, and more.

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