How to play Enlisted: System Requirements, Crossplay, Ranking system, and more

Image via Microsoft Store/Gaijin Entertainment
Image via Microsoft Store/Gaijin Entertainment
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Enlisted is a new World War II-based MMO game developed by Darkflow Software and published by Gaijin Entertainment. Players can get this game by participating in the open beta testing that is currently underway.

Enlisted happens to be a first-person squad-based shooter. Players are thrown into the war theaters all over Europe. The goal is to control different squads of combatants and fight on behalf of the Axis or the Allied powers.

Although players can control only one player in their squad at any given time, they can issue orders to AI-controlled squad members and even switch between squadmates.

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Enlisted System Requirements and other details


Enlisted isn't heavy on the system. According to their website, players need to have a minimum of 8 GB RAM and a Core i3 or equivalent processor. However, it's recommended that players have 8 GB RAM, a Core i5, or an equivalent processor. A GPU is also required. The Nvidia GeForce 660 is a minimum, while anything above, including the Nvidia GeForce 1060, is recommended.

The full system requirements of the game. Image via
The full system requirements of the game. Image via

Enlisted does support cross-play for now. However, according to their forums, players can match up with others irrespective of the platform they're on, but they can't add them as friends. Since the game is in open beta, more changes are scheduled to come once it goes live after the beta testing has ended.

Image via
Image via

According to the official Enlisted website, there are only four campaigns available for now. Players can experience the "Battle for Moscow," the "Invasion of Normandy," the "Battle of Tunisia," and the "Battle of Berlin." More campaigns are scheduled for upcoming updates.


There are 12 different specialists that players get to choose from in Enlisted. The best part is, players, get to control an Armored Infantry division or even play as a pilot in the Air Force.


The ranking system is straightforward in Enlisted. Every soldier has their personal rank in the game. As the players complete missions and kill enemies, they gain XP and rank up. For now, soldiers can go up to rank 5. Other than that, there's an overall level-up system as well. Players get to unlock new troops and weapons as they level up.

For now, Enlisted does show a lot of promise as a game. It almost hit 500k views on Twitch, which indicates that the game does show a lot of promise. Having said that, Enlisted is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5.

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