How to play Madden 22 for free this weekend

Play Madden 22 for free to kick off the season (Image via Electronic Arts)
Play Madden 22 for free to kick off the season (Image via Electronic Arts)

With the start of the 2021 season in the National Football League, Madden 22 will have a free trial for players to jump into. The trial is a way to celebrate kickoff to the 2021 season of the NFL and allow players to join the football simulator.

Players won't have long to play Madden 22 for free, so anyone who doesn't own the game will want to act fast. The free trial for Madden 22 was made available starting September 9, and had the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys face off against each other to begin the season.

After the initial start date, players will only have until September 12 this Sunday to enjoy the free demo. It does give players a full weekend to play Madden 22 and try it out for themselves.

What do players have access to in the Madden 22 trial weekend?


So far, the reviews seem to be a bit lower than usual, but for any simulation football fan, Madden 22 is the only true choice. Especially with the roster updates on all of the incoming rookie players.

To download the trial itself, Xbox and PlayStation players can go to their respective stores and download the trial. This will work for previous generations as well as the next-gen consoles. For players on PC, the Madden 22 trial can be downloaded on Steam or through Google Stadia.

Considering it's only a trial, the game can't be officially owned by anyone downloading the trial alone. This means they will need a persistent internet connection or else the trial version of Madden 22 will not work.

Many games that have trials will severely limit what players are allowed to test out. They'll leave some great modes available to get a feel for the game, but all of the premier content will be left out.

Madden 22 will have everything available for anyone that wants to download the trial. That includes modes like Franchise, Madden Ultimate Team, or even simply playing online against other players. There's plenty to try out and only a few days to cram in enough time to play it all.

It's likely that there will be another free weekend in the future when more events happen, but if players enjoy the game, the best bet is to simply purchase Madden 22.