How to rank up faster in PUBG Mobile Lite Season 27?

Players can use the tips given to win more matches in PUBG Mobile Lite
Players can use the tips given to win more matches in PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite is a very popular game because of its compatibility with low-end devices. The game retains the intense gameplay of PUBG Mobile, but features only 60 players per Battle Royale match.

Now that Season 27 has rolled out, players would want to climb up the ranks as quickly as possible. Here are a few tips they can use to rank up in PUBG Mobile Lite.

Tips to rank up quickly in PUBG Mobile Lite

Players can make a note of the following tips in PUBG Mobile Lite:

1) Survival


PUBG Mobile Lite gamers must note that their main aim in battle royale matches is to survive for as long as possible. Rather than always running for kills, players can implement strategic gameplay to get the best results possible.

2) Gun combination


Players must always select guns that give maximum damage, and the best gun combination is that of an assault rifle and a sniper. Players who are not into sniping can always pick up two assault rifles with low recoil to inflict maximum damage.

3) Sensitivity Settings


Mobile gamers have the option to change the sensitivity settings of PUBG Mobile Lite, so they can tweak it to suit their preference. While changing the sensitivity, players must set it as per their playstyle and not blindly follow their idols’ settings.

Note: This tip is not meant for beginners and they are recommended to use the default settings to get used to the gameplay.

4) Proper communication


A good player can get killed at the beginning of a match just because of lack of communication among teammates. While playing duo and squad matches, players must stick with their friends as it will ensure clear communication.

5) Headshots


Players should always go for the head, as Thor should have done in Avengers: Infinity War. Headshots ensure maximum damage and players must practice over and over again to get the perfect aim to get the best results.

Disclaimer: This article is for beginners

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