How to rank-push quickly in PUBG Mobile before Season 18 arrives

(Image via PUBG Mobile)
(Image via PUBG Mobile)

Reaching the top tier of PUBG Mobile yields several benefits, including better season-end rewards.

The current ranked season is drawing to a close soon, and Season 18 will begin in a few days. Climbing up to the higher ranks is a dream for many users, and various factors affect the rank push.

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How to rank-push quickly in PUBG Mobile before Season 18 arrives

#1 - Kills and Survival

Image via SPD Gaming /YouTube
Image via SPD Gaming /YouTube

Obtaining kills and survival are the two most critical factors that come into play. In a battle royale match, the players are awarded ranking points based on overall performance.

Attaining kills and surviving for a long duration will provide players with a higher number of ranking points per game. To obtain additional kills, players can try third-partying others. They can prefer playing safe to survive for a longer duration.

#2 - Landing spots

(Image via Ruppo)
(Image via Ruppo)

Since the season is coming to an end soon, players cannot afford to lose points when trying to push rank.

Landing on the hot drops involves a considerable amount of risk as players will face heavy competition with a high concentration of foes swarming around them. It can result in early elimination and lead to a loss of points. Hot drops must be avoided by players at all costs.

They can tactically decide their landing spots to survive longer and procure an ample amount of loot. Players can also keep an eye on the formation of the next play zone and rotate accordingly.

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#3 - Playing with a team

Weapons should be aptly used in PUBG Mobile (Image via
Weapons should be aptly used in PUBG Mobile (Image via

In case players wish to push their rank in the squad before the season ends, they must see to it that they have a group of players to queue with.

Playing with random users in the squad mode might result in a loss of points as there might be a lack of coordination. The same applies to the duo mode, as having a partner to play with might help in this regard.

Apart from this, several other things also influence and assist users in their rank-push in the game, such as reviving teammates.

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