How to reach Pro Rank in Nintendo Switch Sports

Players can move up the ranks in the Pro Leagues to show off their skills (Image via Nintendo)
Players can move up the ranks in the Pro Leagues to show off their skills (Image via Nintendo)

Nintendo Switch Sports has made its debut on the Nintendo Switch, featuring six different sports that players can participate in. These sports include soccer, badminton, tennis, bowling, volleyball, and chambara.

To play any of the just-mentioned six sports, players will use their joycons. Moreover, as the Wii Sports of the Switch generation, this game improves upon the familiar formula in many ways and will provide players with tons of sports and modes to participate in.

Of course, players who participate in any of the sports will want to move up to the Pro Rank. With that in mind, here is how they can reach the Pro Rank in Nintendo Switch Sports.

How players can access the Pro Rank in Nintendo Switch Sports


Pro Leagues inside Nintendo Switch Sports are essentially the game's version of ranked play. The player will be matched with other players with similar potential as they make their way up the ranks, with the last reachable rank being the coveted A-Rank.

However, players will find that when they first start out in the game, they are not able to compete in Pro League right away. It must be unlocked in-game first.

Players must unlock the Pro League or the Pro Rank by participating in multiple matches


The Pro League can be unlocked by participating in 10 matches in any specific sport. These matches do not need to be played in a row; just simply reaching 10 total matches played will unlock the Pro League related to that particular sport. So if you want to unlock Pro Leagues for multiple sports, you have to play 10 matches in each sport whose Pro League you want to reach.

The results of the matches do not matter. Finishing 10 matches is what counts.

How the ranking system works in the Pro Leagues

Once players have unlocked the Pro Leagues, they will be starting at the bottom of the ranked ladder. The rank that players will start at is E. These ranks move on a letter grading scale, with the highest rank being A.

In order to move up the ranks, players must amass victories and earn enough points to progress to the next rank.

Each sport will have its own ranking system


For players of Nintendo Switch Sports, the competition will be fierce. However, it should be noted that each sport will have its own ranking system. So, achieving a loss in another sport such as soccer will not affect the player's rank in bowling. Keeping that in mind, players can practice multiple sports and begin to move up the ranks with the aim of finally reaching the A rank in every single sport.