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How to reduce ping in COD Mobile

Image Credits: TiMi Studios
Image Credits: TiMi Studios
Hrithik Raj
Modified 14 Sep 2020, 22:04 IST

COD Mobile is a free to play online multiplayer mobile game developed by TiMi studios. Its is widely popular, and recently saw a surge in the number of downloads thanks to the ban on PUBG Mobile in India. COD Mobile is a fast-paced game that offers various game modes, including a battle royale mode.

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COD Mobile is currently available to download on the Android and iOS platforms, and can be played on PCs using emulators. One of the biggest problems while playing the game on a mobile phone is the ping, and today, we talk about the same.

What is ping in gaming?

In the world of online gaming, ping refers to the network latency (lag) between a player's computer (or the client), and either another client (peer), or the game's server. A lower ping means better game performance.

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More simply, when you play an online game and perform any action like shooting, to register the response, the data must be sent to the server so that the system can realize your action. So, the delay between your action and its registration on the servers is what ping is.

Easy steps to reduce ping in COD Mobile

Image Credits: TiMi Studios
Image Credits: TiMi Studios

Being practical, you should have a good internet connection to get a low ping. But there are times when we have a good internet connection, but our games still have a high ping. In that case, make sure:

  • Auto-updates are disabled on your mobile phone.
  • Scan for a trojan horse or any other virus or malware. The Android OS is prone to these viruses, which reduce the fidelity of the device, sometimes resulting in network issues, and hence, high ping.
  • Close background applications.
  • Force close apps that are using a higher percentage of your network resource. This can be done from the application manager in the settings menu.
  • Make sure you are connected to the nearest server in the game from your location.

Using third-party apps to reduce ping in COD Mobile

You can sometimes reduce ping in COD Mobile using third-party apps like Mobile Gaming Ping. But take this method with a pinch of salt, as these apps often do the same thing mentioned in the above steps. They close all the background applications to reduce the network load.

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Published 14 Sep 2020, 22:04 IST
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