How to sign up for Amazon Prime Gaming in India

Indian players can finally celebrate the holidays with even more gusto (Images via Amazon)
Indian players can finally celebrate the holidays with even more gusto (Images via Amazon)

Amazon Prime Gaming has finally made it to India after a long wait. So far, the e-commerce giant had only offered rewards for the smartphone gaming space in the region. Now that PC gamers will get to avail most of the benefits as well, the service will likely see a boost in subscribers.

This is a new stop forward for PC gaming in India, and will unlock many exciting bonuses that were previously unobtainable for Indian players. As such, here is how newcomers can sign up for Amazon Prime Gaming.

Detailed steps to sign up for Amazon Prime Gaming to redeem titles and in-game items

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It is important to note that you will need an account with the e-commerce giant to sign up for this service. To register for Amazon Prime Gaming, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Sign in to your Amazon account. If you don't have one already, go ahead and sign up to create a new profile.

Step 2: Head to the Prime Gaming website. It is a separate webpage from the one that is used for shopping, and deals with everything related to gaming.

Step 3: Sign in to Prime Gaming using your Amazon account credentials. You may be prompted to verify your account as well.

Step 4: Once signed in, you will have two options: give the Prime Gaming trial a go by selecting the Try Prime option, or directly sign up.

Choosing the former will activate Prime Gaming (as well as other Prime services, like Prime Video) for 30 days and you will be charged the annual amount as and wheen needed yearly. The monthly subscription amount is INR 179, INR 459 for every three months, and INR 1,499 annually.

Step 5: Ensure that your account and address details are correct.

Step 6: Link your method of transaction. If you go the trial route, remember that you will be charged yearly post the date mentioned i.e. INR 1,499 via autopay. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the monthly tier that was chosen.

Step 7: Once the process is done, head back to Prime Gaming's home page and the goodies for the month will be present there awaiting your arrival.

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For this month, there are mostly a bunch of lesser-known games on being given away. However, a couple of notable releases stand out among them, including The Quake's remaster and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

Note that the former requires linking the Amazon account to Epic Games Store (as that is where the game will be redeemed). In the latter's case, you will have to download the Prime Gaming app on PC to play.

If all of this sounds confusing, don't worry. Each game has an icon of the store it belongs to on its banner. Additionally, there are instructions inside for each title after clicking on the page pertaining to it.

Other rewards like currency, cosmetics, and so on are often provided to the community in a code format. This means that you will have to redeem the provided code on the digital storefront where the game will be redeemed or, or directly in-game. These span a variety of popular offerings like Call of Duty: Warzone 2, Valorant, Apex Legends, and more.

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