How to stock your ship in Sea of Thieves

Food, wood, and supplies for the journey ahead (Image via Rare)
Food, wood, and supplies for the journey ahead (Image via Rare)

Sea of Thieves is an enduringly popular open-world pirate RPG that finally lets players live out their swashbuckling fantasies in a beautiful art style. The game has seen millions of players take to the sea and lead their loyal crew to glory.

When embarking on a long sea journey, the crew must have everything they need. This includes food to keep the crew alive, wood to repair any damage done to the vessel, cannonballs to slay whatever gives them trouble and more. Starting on a new journey is impossible without the right supplies.

Gathering supplies and stocking the ship in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves players need to prepare when they begin a voyage, and that can be a pain. There are a few ways to speed along the journey's preparations and ensure a successful voyage with minimal time investment.

Typically, the process of getting all the food and wood takes a while. Picking up crates and loading them individually with bananas and cannonballs can be time-consuming. Instead, players want to get what they need fast and set out on their sea journey.

The quick and easy way to stock up would be to simply approach the merchant in the game's starting area and buy whatever is necessary. This will cost some gold, but players can simply purchase their gear and set out ready for anything.

A cannonball crate costs 5,000 gold, a crate of fruit costs 3,500, and a crate of wood costs 3,500. This means that the player will be ready to go with the expenditure of 12,000 gold.

Free ways to stock the ship in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves players might not want to throw away all that cash every time they set out. There are a couple of solid ways to get what they need for free.

The easiest way would be to head towards a sea fort and attack. After clearing the area of spirits and skeletons, players are free to raid the area for whatever they need.

Just bring a storage crate along for the journey and investigate every barrel in the area. Though their content isn't standardized, players will likely come away from this will dozens of cannonballs, plenty of wood, and a ton of food.

Another way to quickly pick up all the items players need is to set out on a journey to gather them. Open the Tall Tales menu and select the final chapter of Lords of the Sea.

This Pirates of the Caribbean tie-in mission features a final chapter that can be saved. Players can simply return to this outing and sit through the cutscene without action for a while.

Once the dialog has passed, they are free to use their harpoons to fish out crates from the sea. These crates will be loaded with food, boards and cannonballs, leaving the ship stocked.

Sea of Thieves players love the freedom that the game provides, so getting everything they need to sustain themselves is key. Buy supplies, take them from forts or pick them up from the sea to make a new voyage easier.

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