How Street Fighter 6 is ushering in the Golden Age of Fighting Games

Street Fighter 6 is much more than a flashy game on a powerful engine (Image via Capcom)
Street Fighter 6 is much more than a flashy game on a powerful engine (Image via Capcom)

Street Fighter 6 is arguably one of the biggest games set to release this year. On June 2, gamers will be lining up to enjoy the next major installment of the series that has helped shape the fighting game genre. The gaming community has been extremely excited to learn more about it since the first teaser trailer was dropped earlier in 2022.

While many titles fail to deliver on their early promise, the chances of success with Street Fighter 6 outweigh its odds of failure. That said, the upcoming fighter game could revolutionize the genre and give it a new direction.

Street Fighter 6 is more than a flashy game on a powerful engine


2023 is shaping up to be the year of fighting games, with some major announcements made this year. The playtest for Tekken 8 is rumored to be coming soon, while Mortal Kombat 1 has a fall release date. Riot Games' Project L has spent more time in development, and more news is expected any day. However, it starts with Street Fighter 6, the first major release this year.

A reason for the game's initial hype is related to Capcom's decision to build the game on the RE Engine. The difference between this game and Street Fighter V , released in early 2016, is crystal clear. While most expect differences in graphical fidelity and smoothness, Capcom has added some impressive layers, which is possible due to the engine at play.


The full potential of this engine will take time to be realized. It will be unrealistic to think there won't be any issues in Street Fighter 6 after its release. Modern-day video games include some of the most complex lines of code, and development becomes riskier with the involvement of a new game engine.

The true potential of Street Fighter 6 is not defined by the fact that it is a stylish-looking game built on the RE Engine. If the demo is presented as an example of its capabilities, it is clear that the developers have worked independently on a roadmap. The Avatar Creation and the World Tour modes are additions that could benefit the entire genre.


There have been different types of fighting games that have been released over the years. Some anime-styled fighters like Guilty Gear Strive are fun to play and master. The western-style has seen the likes of Mortal Kombat XI continue their dominance. Street Fighter has always differed from these titles, and Capcom has ensured this again.

One common issue with fighting games is that they offer a limited number of in-game activities. Sure, every character in these games is different, and it can take hundreds of hours to master even one of them. Yet, the Street Fighter 6 World Tour shows that fighting games can implement new modes without sacrificing their core mechanics.


The ability for players to create their characters is nothing short of genius. They can be tweaked to give them a personality based on preference. These entities are not just different skins for players, but their fighting style is also impacted.

The Avatars are an extension of the players themselves. These features are more commonly seen in RPGs. To witness something similar in a fighting game is remarkable.

Of course, one cannot be certain of Capcom's Street Fighter 6 being flawless until its official release. After all, we only saw the demo, and things can go wrong in video game development.

However, there is a lot on the line for Capcom as it aims to re-establish itself as a dominant name in the fighting game genre. We have under 24 hours as of writing to witness the next major milestone in the world of fighting games.

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