How to summon and beat the Elder in Valheim

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(Image via Sportskeeda)

Elder is the second boss to appear in Valheim, and this boss is fairly simple to defeat despite its humongous tree-like appearance.

Before ssummoning and defeating the Elder, players will have to beat the first boss in Valheim, Eikthyr. Once the player has defeated Eikthyr, they can summon Elder. For summoning the second boss in Valheim, players will need to burn three ancient seeds at the Elder's spawn location.

There are three possible methods for players to obtain ancient seeds in Valheim. These methods include:

  • It can be obtained by defeating the Greydwarf Brutes and Greydwarf Shamans,
  • It can be found by unlocking random chests; and
  • Players are guaranteed to find ancient seeds after defeating Greydwarf Spawners.

Once the player has managed to accumulate three ancient seeds, they will successfully summon the Elder in Valheim.

Elder in Valheim

To summon the Elder, players will need to head over to the second boss's respective spawn location in Valheim, along with the ancient seeds in their inventory.

The Elder can be summoned by burning three ancient seeds at the Black Forest biome at the sacrificial altar.

The runestone on the altar reads "Burn their young," a reference to the second boss themselves. The Elder has three forms of attacks that it uses to defeat the player. The attacks are:

  • The Elder can use a close-range stomp to deal damage to players standing nearby.
  • The second boss can launch a ranged vine attack, which travels straight towards a targetted player. This attack is only used when the Elder cannot find any players near themselves.
  • Rarely, the Elder calls upon roots in a huge radius to deal over-time damage to players that get caught in it. However, players can destroy the roots by attacking them.

With that said, the best method to defeat the Elder in Valheim is by dodging their attacks and retaliating during the pauses. Additionally, beating the Elder rewards players with two specific in-game items is essential for progressing in Valheim.

The rewards received by players for killing the Elder in Valheim are:

  • The Swamp Key, essential for summoning Bonemass; and
  • The Elder Trophy.

Additionally, players are also advised to take down Elder while playing on the same server with others to make the job a bit easier in Valheim.

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