How to tame Fenrir in ARK: Survival Evolved

Fenrir, the wolf of Nordic legends (Image via Studio Wildcard)
Fenrir, the wolf of Nordic legends (Image via Studio Wildcard)
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Living long enough to establish a foothold in ARK: Survival Evolved takes time, and it is by no means an easy accomplishment. This is a survival game, after all, which means gathering food, water, shelter, and weapons. And with how large the maps in the game can get (miles and miles), one step in the wrong direction could mean being a dinosaur’s next meal.

If that wasn’t dangerous enough, the Fjordur map brings players to a Nordic-inspired landscape. Explore hardy forests, mountains capped with ice, long-forgotten ruins, and frigid temperatures.

On top of dealing with an unforgiving landscape, ARK: Survival Evolved players must contend with new wildlife, such as Desmodus, Fjordhawk, Andrewsarchus, and Fenrir. But part of the fun in ARK: Survival Evolved is taming creatures.

Every aforementioned animal introduced in the Fjordur map is tamable. Not only is each one wonderfully designed, but they also provide players with unique benefits. Here is how players can tame their very own Fenrir in ARK: Survival Evolved and what abilities it offers.

Defeat every Fjordur boss to tame Fenrir in ARK: Survival Evolved


Taming a Fenrir in ARK: Survival Evolved is a very different process than what fans of the game might be used to. Normally, players run into the wild, tranq an animal (or beat it with a club), and feed it berries or meat. That’s not the case with Fenrir.

Instead, Fenrir is essentially an end-game reward. The Fjordur map has quite a few bosses. These are closely tied to the map’s unique portals, which can be created once players amass enough Runestones.

  • Step 1: Kill Alpha versions of animals in the Fjordur map. In doing so, they drop Runestones. Alpha creatures have “Alpha” in their name.
  • Step 2: Collect 90 Runestones.

Runestones are required to summon mini-bosses, of which there are three. To summon one, players need 30 Runestones, so 90 altogether. The three bosses are Beyla, Steinbjorn, and a dual-fight with Haiti and Skoll. They’re located in their respective “realms,” which are cave systems found around the map.

  • Step 3: Collect the Relics off of each mini-boss.

After every Relic is obtained from defeating Fjordur’s mini-bosses, these can then be used to summon the three island bosses: Broodmother, Megapithecus, and Dragon. This is in addition to the Artifacts, too. Each boss requires something different.

When an island boss is defeated, it will drop a trophy. With those three trophies, players can then summon Fenrir.

  • Step 4: Defeat all three island bosses.
  • Step 5: Summon Fenrir with the trophies obtained from the island bosses.

Upon Fenrir’s defeat, players are awarded a Cryopod with a Fenrir inside. This can then be deployed, and gamers will finally have their very own Fenrir in ARK: Survival Evolved. Keep in mind that Fenrir cannot be bred.

Fenrir’s abilities are:

  • Ice armor (can also deal damage near enemies)
  • Has an ice bite
  • Gains pack bonus if players have more than one

Fenrir is definitely a neat addition to the game. But if players want to tame one of their own, be prepared to defeat every single boss on the Fjordur map.

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