ARK Fjordur: All new creatures arriving with the upcoming DLC in 2022

Fjordhawk is one of the four new creatures coming in ARK Fjordur (Image via ARK Survival Evolved on YouTube)
Fjordhawk is one of the four new creatures coming in ARK Fjordur (Image via ARK Survival Evolved on YouTube)
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ARK Fjordur is launching on June 12 this year, as per the announcement from Studio Wildcard. Rumors are that alongside ARK Fjordur, ARK 2 will also be released on the same day. It will take ARK Lost Island's place as the latest DLC in the ARK Survival Evolved franchise. Fans are already getting hyped with a completely new map containing mythical Nordic landscapes and four new creatures voted for by the ARK community. Studio Wildcard is also releasing teasers for all these new creatures on the ARK Survival Evolved YouTube channel.

The four new creatures voted for by the fans are Andrewsarchus, Fjordhawk, Desmodus, and Fenrir. It goes without saying that these new creatures will be essential tames for completing the game, just like Dinopithecus, Amargasaurus, and Sinomacrops in ARK Lost Island. Here is detailed information on the four new creatures coming to ARK Fjordur.

Four new creatures on ARK Fjordur in 2022

1) Andrewsarchus


Andrewsarchus are dangerous beastly creatures. Players better not get fooled by their sluggish behavior while hunting for food. Once provoked, these beastly scavengers can run extremely fast and tear anything with their sharp teeth. Rumors say that, like most other dangerous carnivores, Andrewsarchus will attack any creature or human in sight.

The most special feature of Andrewsarchus is their saddle. This modern saddle keeps the player safe inside an armored enclosure and has a mounted minigun to shoot at the enemies. The advanced saddle, combined with its fast speed, makes Andrewsarchus a very dangerous creature in ARK Fjordur.

2) Fjordhawk


The Fjordhawk is inspired by Veðrfölnir, a hawk from Norse mythology who sits between an unnamed eagle’s eyes. They are one of the cleverest creatures in ARK Fjordur. For food, they usually follow predators, and as soon as they kill any creature, these brutal scavengers fly down and make their way out with the food. Players just have to point to the target, and this bird of prey will soon grab and fetch it.

Well-upgraded Fjordhawks can automatically locate an injured creature and let their owners know its location. It would solve the big problem of losing injured creatures in the process of knocking them down. Rumors say that the Fjordhawks will be able to scavenge items from a dead body, making it extremely helpful in PvP.

3) Desmodus


The name Desmodus Draculae makes it obvious that it is a vampire bat. These frightening vampire bats shriek harder than a firetruck siren and scare the hell out of any creature or human. During the day, they usually skulk around their caves, only at night do these creatures spread horrors across the map of ARK Fjordur. While attempting to knock one down, players must not engage in direct combat at night or anywhere near their caves.

After taming Desmodus, players can use its various useful features. Players can use Desmodus' shriek to scatter enemies, they can grab and fetch small creatures, and their sanguine elixir helps attract predators.

4) Fenrir


Fenrir is a genus of wolves chosen as an additional creature to Fjordur. These creatures are coated in thick black fur, with a set of teeth like marsupial creatures. Awakening their special ability, ice spikes come out of random parts of their bodies. Studio Wildcard has not yet released any teasers or information about this new creature.

A tamed Fenrir can use two different melee bite-attacks, a normal one and a heavy one. After toggling their special ability, these creatures can freeze enemies. But it will also make their movement speed slower and speed up the stamina drain.

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