How to check server status for ARK: Survival Evolved

Where to check the game's server status (Image via Studio Wildcard)
Where to check the game's server status (Image via Studio Wildcard)
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As a survival game, ARK: Survival Evolved can be a lot of fun and even quite difficult. But players don’t have to go into the wild and face ferocious dinosaurs by themselves, though they can. Why not bring friends along for the ride?

While players can create servers of their own as well, the game has official servers that the developer Studio Wildcard runs. Servers can’t run forever and sometimes they need to be shutdown for maintenance or to quickly patch out a bug.

And when that happens, players need to be informed. Here is how to check the server status for ARK: Survival Evolved.

How players can check ARK: Survival Evolved's server status

1) Visit the official Twitter account

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Studio Wildcard has an entire official Twitter account dedicated to ARK: Survival Evolved. It is a great place to pick up on recent news, such as updates. In fact, there was an official tweet showcasing the latest map, Fjordur, and what was included in it. It is also a good place to find other gamers to play with.

Most importantly, the Twitter profile for ARK: Survival Evolved will tweet any recent changes to the server. This also includes information on whether the servers will be going down for a particular platform (or all), in addition to a time frame, though that isn’t always the case. At the same time, it will also be the place to revisit to check when the servers do return online.

By extension, players can also visit the official forums for ARK: Survival Evolved. There is an entire section dedicated to announcements. Fans can also add suggestions, discuss general aspects of the game, and even throw up problems they are having, such as server issues.

2) Check the platform’s service status

The network status for PSN (Image via Sony)
The network status for PSN (Image via Sony)

What happens if the servers are running but players still can’t seem to join? They can then choose to check the service status for the said platform, whether it is Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network.

Typically, in either case, someone trying to log into such services will get a message stating the inability to do so.

Xbox Live and PlayStation Network have their own official server status page, both of which are broken down into individual parts. For example, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network can state whether or not their respective stores are online for use or if using the online gaming service is available.

3) Find out server status using third-party sites


Not everyone wants to visit the official forums for ARK: Survival Evolved. Thankfully, there are alternative sites that also keep track of the game’s server status, typically through the use of the community. There are several that players can visit, such as:

  • Reddit
  • Downdetector
  • ServicesDown

Downdetector and ServicesDown are both wonderful sites for checking the server status for ARK: Survival Evolved. However, it is based on player feedback. Fans can report any issues they have, both of which provide a nice graph and area of effect. It’s a great way for getting the scoop on the game more frequently than, say, the official Twitter profile.

As for Reddit, it’s essentially the same as visiting the game’s official forums. Posts can be started, and from there, other players can express problems they are having.

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