How to throw C4 farther in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3

Image via Activision
Image via Activision

One of Warzone's most favored Lethal Equipment in the past, the C4's nerf last year had players turning away from it as a reliable option.

Fortunately, the community has found a way to work around C4's 30% distance reduction. Players looking to resort back to Semtex and Thermite grenades may want to take one more look at their lethals, as a simple three-step trick can give C4 twice as much throw distance post-nerf, keeping its effectiveness intact when wiping out vehicles, campers, or players entering an undesired area.

Conventional wisdom in games such as Call of Duty and Counter-Strike would point to simply sprinting, jumping, and throwing the C4. The trick is not that easy, however.

COD Warzone: Adding momentum to C4 throws with Tac Sprint

Image via Activision
Image via Activision

Unlike most other first-person shooter games, simply running and jumping won't improve C4 throwing distance in Warzone. Doing so will cause the C4 to weakly fall out of the operator's hand, dropping a few feet away at the very most.

But as pointed out by community members including YouTube creators such as JGOD, the real means to improve the throw requires Tactical Sprinting and a throw action before the jump itself. This maintains the throw's momentum up and through the jump, giving it significantly more distance, up to twice as far as usual if performed well.


While it is likely to take practice for many of Warzone's players, this trick will allow C4 to remain an effective option in the Lethal Equipment category. C4's damage and explosion radius is still deadly in the right hands, though its delayed detonation timing will likely need to be worked around as well.

Confidence in C4 after this momentum trick has even led prominent Warzone streamer TimTheTatman to claim that C4 is "still the best lethal" in a video earlier this year.


While C4's old reputation of being able to be thrown deep like a football will likely not return to Warzone, it is still a top three Lethal Equipment pick according to community statistics site WZ Ranked, trailing only Semtex and Thermite as expected.

As of May 2021, C4's current pick ratio percentage stands at 9.9%, with a kill-death ratio of approximately 1.01. Hopefully, the throwing trick outlined may help improve those numbers for Season 3, as players will be much more likely to blow up their targets and can spend less time worrying about blowing themselves up.

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