How to fix Valorant queue disabled error

  • The queue getting disabled in Valorant is quite a common occurrence and has caused frustration among players.
  • There are primarily two things that cause the problem but the fix is rather simple as well.
Modified 16 May 2020, 12:56 IST

pic courtesy: twinfinite
pic courtesy: twinfinite

Closed beta releases for online multiplayer games are commonly plagued by bugs and game crashes and Riot’s latest IP Valorant is no stranger to this fact.

Ever since the release of its closed beta in April, Valorant has grown to be one of the most popular, tactical first-person shooters in the world. So, it’s quite frustrating for players when they want to get into a game and have to repeatedly face errors like code 40 and code 7.

However, apart from the more common error codes, there is one more problem in the client and that is of the queue being disabled.

So what causes Valorant queue disable problem?

Primarily, there are two main issues that cause this problem.

One being the problem on the side of the player’s connectivity and the other if Riot is performing a server maintenance. Or, the other scenario could be where Riot is about to upload a new patch and bug fix and doesn’t want any player online while the update goes live.

If the problem is from your side, there here are a few things that you can do to try and fix it.

  • Quitting the game and restarting the client.
  • If it still doesn’t work, try restarting your computer along with your internet router.
  • If the error still shows, then try to see if a new patch is out. Always keep the game files updated.
  • If everything else fails, try running the game as an administrator.

However, if the Valorant servers are down, then you will have to wait out a few hours before they come live again. 

An example of the Valorant servers going down. (pic courtesy: Riot games)
An example of the Valorant servers going down. (pic courtesy: Riot games)

The chances are that the developers are either conducting some server maintenance or updating the game and bringing some balance changes and bug fixes. This is one of the major reasons behind the queue being disabled and you will be facing this often as the game is still in the beta stages and Riot has been moving things around in the game quite a lot.

Published 16 May 2020, 12:56 IST
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