Valorant: How to fix error code 40

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Every online shooter game and their closed beta releases have some things in common, which mostly revolve around bugs and errors. And Riot Games’ Valorant is no stranger to this fact.

Ever since the release of its closed beta in April, all the lucky beta key holders have been subjected to some of the most annoying error codes and game crashes. However, such problems are rather expected from a closed beta release as the developers are be constantly tinkering to bring about in-game changes and to tackle server issues.

Hence, server downtimes are going to be pretty common, which is what leads to many of the error codes like code 7 and code 46.

Error code 40 is another issue that has been plaguing the Valorant servers recently. And, though there may not be any permanent solution to this problem (till Riot patches it out) we may have some temporary fixes at our disposal.

What is error code 40 in Valorant?

Pic Courtesy: News Break
Pic Courtesy: News Break

When the error occurs, there is a pop-up on the screen that reads, “There was an error connecting to the platform. Please restart your game client.” accompanied by a ‘Quit Game’ button.

This error primarily occurs if either the Valorant servers are down, or there is a problem with your internet connection. It may also occur if you haven’t patched the game to the latest version.

The Fix

Error code 40 is a very rare bug and is not considered one among Valorant’s list of known issues.

However, there are some things you can do to fix it. They are:

  • Quitting the game and restarting the client.
  • If it still doesn’t work, try restarting your computer along with your internet router.
  • If the error still shows, then try to see if a new patch is out. Always keep the game files updated.
  • If everything else fails, try running the game as an administrator.
  • It’s also possible that Riot’s servers are down so you may just have to wait to play Valorant for a few hours.

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