How to unlock DedSec in XDefiant

Unlocking DedSec Xdefiant
Guide to unlock DedSec in XDefiant (Image via Ubisoft)

You will be able to play as any of the five factions as soon as you start XDefiant, apart from the DedSec as it is locked. The faction is from Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs franchise, and you will not get to use it right off the bat. There are a few nuances that go into unlocking it and there are many in the community who are quite confused as to how one can go about it.

Today’s XDefiant guide will therefore go over how you will be able to unlock DedSec and play as it in the shooter.

How to play as DedSec in XDefiant


You will be able to unlock the DedSec faction in XDefiant by one of the following methods:

  • Purchasing for 1,000 XCoins
  • Completing the Major Challenge

The former is very straightforward, while the latter will need you to earn a total of 700,000 XP. However, that will take a while to get, so if you are not willing to wait around, you can always go ahead and invest in your XCoins.

If you have played the shooter's beta version and have already gotten your hands on 700,000 XP there, you will be able to automatically unlock DedSec.

DedSec's abilities in XDefiant

Here are the abilities that you can look forward to when playing as DedSec in XDefiant:


  • Lockout: This will prevent enemies from using any Activated Ability and Ultra Ability. It has a small AoE and those affected will not be able to access the mini-map as well.

Activated Abilities:

  • Hijack: You will be able to take control of any enemy-deployed active or ultra abilities that are on the field.
  • Spiderbot: You will send out a Spiderbot that will track the nearest enemy and cling to their face, stunning them for some time.

Passive Trait:

  • Fabricator: You will be able to regenerate devices (throwables) that are on a cooldown post-use.

DedSec is more of a utility-based faction and will let you control the battlefield. It represents the Watch Dogs style of play and you will be able to use it to disrupt what the enemy team is trying to do.

When used right, the faction will make it much easier for your team to clutch wins.

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