How to unlock Disillusionment Chests easily in Hogwarts Legacy

How can you get into Disillusionment Chests in Hogwarts Legacy?
There are a few ways to break into the Disillusionment Chests in Hogwarts Legacy (Image via Warner Bros. Interactive Media)

A wealth of secrets exist in Hogwarts Legacy and are just waiting for players to uncover them. Obviously, some of these secrets are harder to uncover than others. As you explore Hogwarts, you'll most likely come across some mysterious chests with an unblinking eye upon them. These are Disillusionment Chests, which contain useful items that you can obtain.

The trick here is to get past the eye of the chest in Hogwarts Legacy. At the time of writing this article, there are a few ways for players to deceive the Disillusionment Chests. As more becomes uncovered after the game's official release, this article will be edited to reflect any newly added methods. For now, here's what's known about Disillusionment Chests and how to easily bypass the lock.

There are several ways to open a Disillusionment Chest in Hogwarts Legacy

Scattered throughout Hogwarts Legacy, players will definitely come across strange treasure chests with an eye upon them. These Disillusionment Chests will prevent anyone that can be seen from opening them. Clearly, the natural solution here is to become invisible. If you can become unseen to the naked eye, for even a brief moment, you can pop the chest open before the effect can wear off.

The most obvious method is to cast a Disillusionment Charm, which, as its name suggests, allows you to become unseen. However, it doesn’t really make you invisible in Hogwarts Legacy. All it does is make you similar to a chameleon, allowing you to blend in with the background. Casting this spell should give you more than enough time to open the chest and be on your way.


If you have, or can make an Invisibility Potion, that's another feasible solution to getting these chests open. Interestingly, the gameplay demo of the game revealed that there was an Invisibility Potion available in the Room of Requirements, so it's fairly likely that players will be able to find or make them.

However, the only downside to this potion is that it doesn’t last very long. You’re going to want to be as close to the chest as possible, so that you can drink the potion, become temporarily invisible, and grab the contents of the chest before the effect dissipates. If it does, you won’t be able to open the Disillusionment Chest.

While it hasn't been confirmed yet, if the dark spell Conjunctivitis Curse is available in Hogwarts Legacy, it will be yet another option to deceive and open the Disillusionment Chest. The curse in question irritates the eyes and forces them shut. That way, you can cast it directly on the eye of the chest and take all of the contents within before the curse wears off.


Hogwarts Legacy officially arrives on February 10, 2023, and will let players dive into the Wizarding World as a wizard or witch. Even if it means playing a dark wizard, players will have that option. A vast world awaits, full of secrets and mysteries, as players join a House and begin their magical education.

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