How to unlock Doc in Back 4 Blood

Doc in Back 4 Blood. (Image via Turtle Rock Studios)
Doc in Back 4 Blood. (Image via Turtle Rock Studios)
Brandon Moore

Doc is one of the eight playable characters, also known as Cleaners, in the zombie survival game Back 4 Blood.

In Back 4 Blood, Doc is a pragmatic doctor. The medical professional has knowledge and experience that will help any group of zombie killers survive the hordes of the undead.

Players will recognize Doc with her bob haircut, glasses, and white lab coat. She also has a knee brace that supports her right leg. If players want to play with this tough lady in Back 4 Blood, though, they'll need to play through the game and unlock her.

Back 4 Blood: How to unlock Doc

Doc is unlocked in the same way that Hoffman, Jim, and Karlee are unlocked. There are no tricks or secrets to unlocking Doc in Back 4 Blood. You just need to play through a certain portion of the game.

There are four levels in Act 1 of Back 4 Blood. Known as The Devil's Return, Act 1 must be completed with characters available from the start in order to unlock any additional Cleaners.

Doc, Jim, and Karlee have been anxious to slay. #Back4Blood

Those starter Cleaners are Mom, Holly, Walker, and Evangelo. The missions are Resurgence, Tunnel of Blood, Pain Train, and the Crossing. Finishing those will add Doc to your game.

It doesn't have to be completed on a specific difficulty. It just needs to be done. You'll start out by escaping Evansburgh. Then you will end it by destroying a ferry with a massive explosion.

After crossing the bridge, you'll reach Fort Hope. This will trigger a cut scene that introduces four unlockable Back 4 Blood characters, including Doc. Once that happens, she's all yours.

Finally I can play as the Doc! Woohoo! ♡〜٩(^▿^)۶〜♡ #Back4Blood

After unlocking her, you'll have access to some great healing abilities for your Back 4 Blood playthroughs. She can heal each teammate for 25 health once per level while increasing overall healing efficiency and team trauma resistance.

Trauma is a Back 4 Blood mechanic that lowers overall health the more a player is hit by zombies. Having Doc on your team will ensure everyone remains in tip-top shape throughout the survival missions.

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