How to unlock Manon's alternate costume in Street Fighter 6

Manon in her alternate outfit-Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)
Manon in her alternate outfit-Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)

The release of Street Fighter 6 also saw the introduction of brand-new characters. One of the fresh arrivals is fighting supermodel Manon. Similar to other characters in-game, Manon has an alternate costume that can be unlocked in two ways. The first is to buy it from the store for 50 Fighter Coins, the in-game currency which can be acquired using real money.

Frugal players can unlock the outfit by grinding away in the RPG-style single-player game mode, World Tour. Notably, you must first locate Manon and unlock her as a master in this game mode. Subsequently, you must raise your bond with her to the maximum level.

Locating Manon in World Tour mode


Manon is not immediately available in the earliest portion of World Tour so you will need to play through this game mode for a while to reach her.

In the later chapters of the game, players must delve into a side quest called Extra. To start this mission, you'll need to find a man called Master Oscar in Beat Square. He will task you with locating and wearing a Judo Gi. This gear is split into top and bottom halves and can be found at the store called Drippin' Style. You can purchase the top for 5800 and the bottom for 5000.

Once you've purchased both pieces, equip them and return to Oscar. He will invite you to travel with him to France, where you will be treated to a cutscene that introduces Manon. Before you can interact with her directly, you will need to fight three characters called extras. Successfully beating all three will lead to another cutscene that will give you a chance to fight Manon herself, who will be at level 18.

Following the bout, she will be available as a master in Street Fighter 6. From thereon, you only need to raise your bond with her to the maximum to unlock her alternate outfit in the other game modes.

Raising bond level in Street Fighter 6


There are several methods to raise your bond with Manon in World Tour Mode. You may give her gifts, use her moves when fighting other NPCs, and notch up wins against her during sparring sessions.

The best gift for Manon is the Beaujolais which can be purchased in Bathers Beach. Her moves can be equipped onto your created character once you've unlocked her as a master.

Street Fighter 6 is out now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5. Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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