How to unlock new realm layouts in Genshin Impact

Realm layouts in Genshin Impact are pretty easy to unlock (Image via Genshin Impact)
Realm layouts in Genshin Impact are pretty easy to unlock (Image via Genshin Impact)
Tariq Hassan

Genshin Impact's housing system provides players with the chance to create their custom dream house, with tons of unique furniture, and even station their favorite characters inside. Players who want to spice up their realms can try creative builds, gardening, interior decorating and more.

But for those who really want a big change, swapping the realm's layout can put a whole new spin on things. Fans who have tired of their current builds can also swap to another layout to start fresh and create all new constructions. Here's how to unlock new realm layouts.

Genshin Impact: Realm layouts explained


Unlocking realm layouts in Genshin Impact is a pretty simple task, as long as fans can unleash their inner designer. The housing system in the Serenitea Pot uses a Trust Rank system to progress, which requires players to place structures, characters, and other items inside their layout to increase trust with Tubby, the teapot's assistant.

Increasing Trust Rank requires Realm Currency, as players will need to purchase plenty of recipes to grind the required rank. This can be done through building up a well designed home, or it can be easily gained through spamming cheap and easy to make buildings.

Trust Rank~Your trust rank is based on points you earn from crafted certain items for the first time. (Remember it’s first time only)Any items with the little blue symbol in the corner means it will give you points. The rarer the item, the more points you get!

To gain Trust Rank points, players will need to craft new furniture for the first time, so a large cache of Realm Currency can help a lot. The rarer purple items should be crafted first, as they provide the most Trust Rank.

Players can find a ton of these items on Tsurumi Island in special chests, or purchase them from Tubby. Collecting enough Trust Rank should allow players to rank up their Trust Level and reap the rewards.

coolest realm layout ??

Players will be able to unlock another Realm Layout at Trust Rank 8 and Trust Rank 10.

Unlocking the Inazuman Realm Layout

day and night in the inazuma realm layout

The special Inazuman Realm Layout can only be unlocked through progressing the Sacred Sakura Tree. Players will need to collect tons of Electro Sigils to progress their tree to level 40, which will then open this layout in the Serenitea Pot. Many special features can only be found in this layout, so fans should definitely make sure they hunt down the elusive sigils.

Genshin Impact's Realm Layouts are unique worlds for players to customize, and unlocking more of them only opens more options.

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