How to use Dream Solvent to convert talent level-up materials in Genshin Impact (March 2022)

Dream Solvent and Weekly Boss Materials (Image via Sportskeeda)
Dream Solvent and Weekly Boss Materials (Image via Sportskeeda)

Newer players might not be aware of Dream Solvent in Genshin Impact as they do not have the urgency to upgrade their characters' talents. However, it is essential information in the long run when they reach a higher World Level. Weekly Boss Materials can be transmuted into other materials from the same pool using Dream Solvent, making the character's talent leveling considerably easier.

Previously, if a player did not receive specific Boss Material, they would have to wait an entire week to level up the character's talent. However, players can use Dream Solvent in place of Boss Materials to improve their talents. The article below will discuss how players can use this material.

Genshin Impact: How to use Dream Solvent and convert Talent Level-Up materials

Dream Solvent in the inventory (Image via HoYoverse)
Dream Solvent in the inventory (Image via HoYoverse)

Dream Solvent is a rare material in Genshin Impact that lets players convert their Weekly Boss Materials into the materials required for the characters they want to level up. This item resolves a major issue for many Genshin Impact players, who were unable to level their characters' talents due to unfavorable RNG with weekly bosses.

Players should now be able to swap out their Boss Materials with alternatives on a regular basis with Dream Solvent, allowing them to level all of their characters.

How to collect Dream Solvent in Genshin Impact

Best day of my genshin careerTwo glads a claymore prototype AND a dream solvent like damn how much more based can it get

Dream Solvent drops at a relatively high rate from Genshin Impact's Weekly Bosses. Although the chances aren't guaranteed, they appear to be significantly higher than that of Prototypes, implying that players should expect to receive at least 1-2 Dream Solvents per week.

Currently, in Genshin Impact, players can face six Weekly Bosses, making obtaining Dream Solvent a recurring weekly task. After that, the items will simply stay in the player's inventory until they decide to use it on characters or Dream Solvent.

How to use Dream Solvent to convert materials in Genshin Impact

Use Dream Solvent on the Crafting Bench (Image via HoYoverse)
Use Dream Solvent on the Crafting Bench (Image via HoYoverse)

Players can follow the simple steps below to use Dream Solvent and convert the materials:

  1. Go to any Crafting Bench
  2. Click on the Convert button (the middle one) at the top of the screen
  3. Choose the materials required for their character
  4. Click the paper icon to switch ingredients
  5. Click Convert

After completing this process, players will receive the material they aim to make while losing the one they used as an ingredient. Players can change the material utilized at the Crafting Bench by clicking on the small paper in the bottom right corner to switch to a more plentiful ingredient, which is helpful for Travelers who have an excess of a certain material.

Gamers should also remember that resources can only be transmuted within a single pool of things, meaning they'll have to battle each boss individually. Finally, since each transmutation requires 1 Dream Solvent, players should be cautious when crafting and ensure they have all the required items.

Dream Solvent is a valuable item for all Travelers, especially those who have bad luck in receiving materials they don't need from the Weekly Bosses.

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