How to use the Task Tracker in Lost Ark

Players of Lost Ark can use their Task Tracker to keep tabs on all they need to do in-game (Image via Smilegate)
Players of Lost Ark can use their Task Tracker to keep tabs on all they need to do in-game (Image via Smilegate)
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Lost Ark certainly has a lot of content for players to discover and complete. With so much to do, it can seem overwhelming at times to keep track of everything that's going on. From daily to weekly quests among others, players had no way of knowing everything that was going on in the game previously. However, with the addition of the new May update, players will be able to track their tasks easily within the game.

The Task Tracker does exactly what its name implies in Lost Ark. It tracks the tasks that players need to complete each day or week. It is an interesting customizable tool that can be configured to cover exactly what players need to know to make sure they get the most out of their time in-game. While it's not perfect yet, it is still a significant leg up over what players had before, which is tracking all of this manually.

How players can use the Task Tracker inside of Lost Ark

Luckily for players of Lost Ark, turning on the Task Tracker is a fairly easy thing to do. First, players will want to head to the Game Menu. This can be done by clicking on the Services tab on the bottom right of the screen and then selecting Game Menu. Besides that option, players can simply hit the ESC key and then select the Game Menu option. From there, players just need to follow a few steps to set it up.

Once inside the Game Menu, players will see a brand new option that says "Task Tracker". This is the option that should be selected. Once inside the Task Tracker menu, players will be able to easily configure each and every daily or weekly task that they wish to track. However, players should likely just select all of them so they have an easy to reference checklist of what they have already done for the week.

Using the Task Tracker in Lost Ark


Once players have added the Task Tracker to their game, they will begin to see all of their tasks for the week lined up on the left side of their screen. For ease of reference, all of the Daily tasks will be listed at the top of the list, and if the player scrolls to the bottom, they will then see their Weekly quests. Each one is broken down by completion so players will know how much they have left.

It should be noted that this list is not entirely inclusive, which means that players may not be able to see certain items in the Task Tracker. These could include things like Chaos Gates or defeating a Field Boss. For now, these items will still need to be kept track of manually. But players of Lost Ark will still be able to have access to this huge improvement of task-keeping within the game.

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