"I can't believe that item made it through": League of Legends fans are quite unhappy with Heartsteel, the brand new mythic item

League of Legends
League of Legends' brand new mythic item is creating quite a commotion within the community (Image via Riot Games)

Heartsteel is a brand new mythic item that was added to League of Legends along with the pre-season 2023 update. It has turned out to be excessively over-tuned and fans are not happy about it.

This item is designed to be used on tanks. However, in its current state, it can be utilized by everyone, which in turn leads to an unpleasant experience amongst the majority of the player base.

Heartsteel is so insane. I can't believe that item actually made it through any sort of revisions at all.Did riot really not notice that building it on hyper mobile carries would be infinitely more beneficial since they'll ALWAYS get 3+ stacks a fight?Am I missing something?

ADCs quite often dismiss their regular builds and rush Heartsteel within matches to maximize their damage output. This has led to an outcry within the community as they want Riot Games to fix the new mythic item as soon as possible before the official release of Season 13 in January 2023.

Heartsteel has been the go-to item in the ARAM game mode in League of Legends

Before proceeding further, League of Legends fans will be willing to find out on why Heartsteel is being considered broken. As it happens, this item provides 20 ability haste, 800 health, and 200% base health regeneration, which is quite massive.

Heartsteel Sion seems a bit busted lol
So ARAM has turned into a 5 heartsteel vs 5 heartsteel stacking speedrun now?... Nice

Apart from that, its passive allows a champion to generate stacks when within 700 units of an enemy, each of which can generate up to a total of three times. Once these stacks have been gathered, the next basic attack by the champion will be empowered and hence deal 125 (+6% maximum health) bonus damage.

It will also grant permanent bonus health to the bearer equal to 12.5 (+0.6% maximum health) with a mere 30-seconds cooldown. In short, if a champion is consistently surrounded by three enemies, the former will be able to consistently proc the bonus damage.

First Impressions for new season for Ornn:1. Radiant Virtue pretty good for teamfighting and utility propably best mythic for Ornn in High Elo or Pro Play (only buy this as second item bad in lane as 1st)2. Heartsteel bonkers damage for 1v1s and midgame soloQ fiestas 1/3
First impressions on preseason changes:The green pokemon seems way better than the other two, basically gives you mountain soul.Heartsteel seems kinda OP AF, especially with other hp scaling things (overgrowth, grasp, titanic, demonic)jaksho seems really bad

Therefore, it is understandable why the item is considered excessively broken, especially in the All Random All Mid (ARAM) game mode of League of Legends, where the core rules of the game remain the same (breaking the nexus), although the entire match takes place within the mid lane.

In the ARAM game mode, players consistently fight and hence, are always surrounded by at least two or more enemies. Therefore, the damage output of every champion building this item enhances exponentially.

Heartsteel Mythic on ARAM is so broken
I'm just a heartsteel enjoyer that's all 😳

Hypermobile champions such as Lucian and Akali are the ones who benefit the most as they have the ability to dive behind enemy lines and then dash back to safety. As such, they can generate stacks from Heartsteel's passive at a rapid rate.

Its draft but still, new heartsteel tank mythic with grasp akali is beyond broken. Hope they nerf heartsteel in next patch. #LeagueOfLegends

Once these stacks are combined with their base damage, it leads to a situation that the receiving side does not enjoy at all. The worst part of all this is that these hypermobile champions can keep doing this on a consistent basis throughout the game.

Heartsteel is the worst thing added to this game since Yuumi
It's been 6 days since Heartsteel has been terrorizing ARAMs and my dreams...make it stop

In any case, this is not the first instance where Riot Games has released an item that is broken. Items like Deathfire Grasp and Ranger's Trailblazer were so overpowered that they had to be permanently deleted for the sake of maintaining peace.

It is impossible to predict whether Heartsteel will follow the same route in League of Legends. However, this item will definitely need a lot of fine-tuning before League of Legends Season 13 officially begins in January 2023.

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