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"I got that a**": Twitch streamer "Mizkif" says the wrong thing at the worst possible time

Image via Mizkif
Image via Mizkif
Modified 08 Feb 2021

A Twitch Streamer named Mizkif was filming a friend and said something that was taken out of context.

Mizkif was looking over at his friend at the end of the hall. The friend was going up the stairs before he uttered this:

"F**k yeah, I got that a**."

The phrase was intended for this other person. To Mizkif's surprise, his girlfriend was nearby and overheard him.

She turned around, looking disgusted and shocked. It was obvious that she thought he was filming her bending over for his viewers. He stumbled over some words to explain what he meant but it was to no avail.

He immediately started repeating "no" to make it seem like his girlfriend had the wrong idea.

The Twitch streamer gave up and stated that he was sorry and that he will leave.


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The Twitch streamer does not normally film his girlfriend

The Twitch streamer was trying to capture the butt of a person on his camera, just not his girlfriend's. He was trying to catch another man heading up the stairs.

He did try to explain but gave up quickly. Telling his girlfriend that he was trying to see the backside of his friend would be hard to explain.

Mizkif normally plays video games on his streams like regular streamers. He does not need any boost, so it's clear why he hasn't put up this clip on his stream.

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He has 1 million followers currently. Every streamer is looking to grow and this clip will definitely help.

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Published 08 Feb 2021, 01:38 IST
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