Twitch streamer falls asleep on live stream, regrets her decision later

Image Credits: Twitter
Image Credits: Twitter

JustaMinx is a popular Twitch streamer, who hails from Ireland.

She can often be spotted conducting a 'Just Chatting' stream with her fans on Twitch, where she has around 223K followers. She is also known for her cosplay avatars where she has donned the outfits of popular characters in the past, ranging from a Smurfette to Supergirl.

Having received a stellar fan following across various social media platforms, she also recently reached 100K subscribers on YouTube:

While she is known to entertain her viewers online, one of her recent lives streams involved her trying out an infamous 'sleep stream', with hilarious results.

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Sleep stream x Twitch


In the video above, JustaMinx declares that she's having a sleepover with her chat as she gears up for a sleep stream.

As she desperately tries to catch up on some sleep with her pet dog for company, the viewers who are watching her Twitch stream attempt to wake her out of her slumber through a plethora of innovative ways.

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From playing music to jarring audio-clips, what unfolds is a rough night for the 23-year-old Twitch streamer.

On hearing a sudden jump scare, which makes her dog run away, she exclaims:

I'm not doing this! You f****** scared him off!

She then receives a video call from fellow streamer Jschlatt, who continues to disturb her with his unruly eating habits. At one point of time, he says:

Listen Minx , I'm not gonna sit here and be your content . This is supposed to be a goddamn sleeping stream okay and you just can't seem to fall asleep and I guess you were doing all right before I showed up but there's no reason to not get sleep you know...also, I think you look terrible without makeup by the way.

At around 4 am, while it seems like she finally might get some sleep, her viewers decide to show no respite and start with the jump scares all over again.

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Image Credits: Justa Minx/ YouTube
Image Credits: Justa Minx/ YouTube

This prompts her to yell:

Oh shut the f*** up you little weasley lying c**'re horrible!

As she somehow survives the ordeal, she wakes up at 6:00 am and addresses her Twitch viewers, before finally ending a nightmarish stream:

Oh my God, I lost my shit a few times ..there was a point last night , where I was like, just be called a scammer . I'm gonna go sleep now, like properly , without the fear of waking up ...Goodnight.

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